Before the match I had to make a decision: wether to choose my Keano-Celtic shirt to pull over or my plain Rangers shirt for Bochum vs Rangers. In the end it was a pretty easy option to take: I wore a plain white shirt and just my tiny Scotland button on my pants (just to make clear my position). This third option was the safe one as also far from home Rangers and Celtic supporters can react a bit out of order when spotting a hostile target (i.e. the right opposite of their prefered Glaswegian club). So right in time (i.e. 1 1/2h before the start of the game at 3:30 p.m. CET) I had payed €20 for my seat and taken my body in the stadium for watching watering the pitch:

When looking around I also spotted these two guys on the other side of the pitch playing another game before the real one started:

Then, half an hour before the start of the match, the Rangers player came onto the pitch for their warm-up — as always goalkeepers first. I also have pictures from number 1 Allan McGregor, but as I wanted to choose just one goalkeeper pic you get the one with number 2 Neil Alexander and number 3 Grant Adam (yes, younger brother of Charlie):

Sun was shining, I wasn’t freezing in my shirt and therefore my pictures are pretty sharp, also when the rest of the squad took an inspection of the pitch:

I have to confess that I don’t really like player running when I like to take pictures of them. The best on match warm-ups for photographers is STRETCHING!! As you can see on the following picture (and Lee McCulloch does his stretching perfectly!):

Just to make my point clear with the lament about players running you can brilliantly see in the next picture what I really mean:

And then there was a Jig special which I haven’t seen yet:

Lee McCulloch spills water on a ball out of a drinking bottle and I don’t have the slightest idea what it’s all about! Watering for better touch? Cleaning it? Making fun with a pal who gets the ball from him? I don’t know. Maybe all reasons together! But in case you know I’d feel fine with an answer.

As you might know already Big Lee was my target today, so I also made a little video:

What’s left is the final result. Here it is:

Yeah, you spot it right: Rangers FC, the Scottish champions of 2009, 2010 and 2011, lost against VfL Bochum, member of the famous German second division! Rangers looked very much behind with nice passing sometimes but very few goalscoring opportunities. Perhaps you ask for pictures from the game itself. I have only one, shot from the hip, because right when warm-up was due to be over I resp. my huge camera was spotted and I was asked to abandon to take any further pictures. I’d asked before the Woman’s World Cup group stage game of Canada 0-4 France if it was allowed to take pictures with my camera (showed it!) and there was no problem as far as I wouldn’t take any profit (therefore I put on these nasty watermarks on these one’s). Then, today, suddenly it wasn’t allowed. I’m really confused as it seems that not only every stadium has their own rules about taking pictures but also different people from the same stadium own their own oppinions about it. Unsharp mobilphone pictures seem to be allowed then, pictures that can slightly match the official one’s are not. It’s absolute ridiculous and not understandable as I won’t sell these pictures — just want to have them for me and show them to a handful of people who are looking onto this blog. That’s pretty all!


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