As much as I like to prepare my own food, i.e. cook in seperate pots, cut vegetables into little pieces etc. I don’t like that here in Bochum. The kitchen here simply isn’t made for cooking: spiders all over that I really don’t want to stay there for longer than needed and no real place for cutting the vegetables, potatoes, meat etc. to enjoy the preparing and cooking. Prepare the food in Bochum is reduced to the needed minimum for me. Eating though is only a must-have, not a pleasure.

I was never keen to prepare my food with the turntable and in Dresden I don’t have one although my parents wanted to give me one as a birthday present once. At the time I simply refused it. I like my dinner fresh prepared so don’t need a turntable. But here in Bochum there was one right from the beginning. A bit mucked but when I don’t have my contact lenses in use it doesn’t matter anyway.

So after some weeks of using the turntable I can proudly present my two favourite foods using the turntable:

1)  Chicken Tikka Masala by Asia Green Garden The left picture obviously shows you the so-called serving suggestion on the package while the right picture is the sad reality after I prepared the whole stuff on a plate. But it tastes better than the picture would suggest. And it tastes even better when improved with the great tabasco sauce (the more the better).

2) Savoy Roll with Potatoes by Du darfst — Well, the potatoes almost look like they do on the package but with the savoy roll it isn’t the same. But the taste is surprisingly very good although the portion obviously is made for a size zero model. I would need three of these portions to get replete. But it’s tasty and afterwards I normally eat a yoghurt, an apple etc. as well.

Last but not least there is a picture of a rare own cooked meal in Bochum. It’s really tasty (for me) even if it looks much worse than the two previously showed turntable prepared meals:


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