Today Barclays, the Premier League sponsor, released their 60 best photographs made by various photographers during last season 2010 / 11. There are some common and expected one’s (top clubs, English players) but for me a football photograph not have to show the most known players but the picture itself must have something special, may it be artificial or captured with all the joy of a minor club or something hidden only watchable on the second glance.

So, here is my top 6 (and we will see if any of them are in the official Top 3):

1) Enthusiastic Little Blackpool Supporter by Alex Livesey / Getty Images
I really love the enthusiasm of this cute little boy for his beloved football club. He was a mascot that day and obviously loved to be involved.

2) Elokobi (Wolves) vs Albrighton (Aston Villa) Shadows by Mike Hewitt / Getty Images
This one obviously is artificial. It’s an uncommon shot and very interesting so worth the second place for me.

3) Blackpool Score at the Theatre of Dreams by Martin Rickett / PA
Last fixture. Manchester United vs Blackpool. United already had captured the title and Blackpool hadn’t no chance. In the end they unfortunately went down to the Championship but here with scoring the equalizer everything was still possible — in the theatre of dreams.

4) Coloured Boots All Over by Mark Leech / Offside
This is where the modern football is coming to: coloured boots in the brightest and most ridiculous sometimes. Also a not very common shot — so made my Top 6.

5) Some Sort of Haka Performed by Danny Sturridge by Mark Robinson / The Sun
Danny Sturridge (here on loan at Bolton) could also do it as a Rugby player for the All Blacks of New Zealand — well, only when it comes to their pre-match performance called Haka. For me this picture shows the pure joy what you can have when playing football in front of a cheering crowd. Fantastic capture!

6) Just a Little Reminder Craig Gordon Still Exists by Mark Leech / Offside
As I really like goalkeepers I love this picture because of the pin-top focus of Craig Gordon and because of himself, because it was rare that he was playing last season cause of many injuries, so I also wish him well for more photographs by him this season.

That was it: my Top 6 and although I would love to not add any more I also have to show you my very, very … very least favourite one, which I won’t see in the official Top 3:

60) Rio Ferdinand and Carlos Tevez doing… er… well… I don’t want to know, you know! by Mark Robinson / The Sun
Photographer with very dirty thoughts put this into the competition. But for me it has nothing to do with football, just makes fun with homosexual practice (plus Rio Ferdinand and Carlos Tevez in one picture) — that’s not my style.

If you want to see the whole set of 60 photographs, just click HERE for a slideshow.


3 thoughts on “Best of the English Premier League — my top 6 (and the very least one!)

  1. Na, deine Sympathie für den kleinen Blackpool-Fan kann ich nicht ganz teilen. Sein leicht irrer Blick ist grundsätzlich ja ok, kann aber auch einen ersten Hinweis darauf sein, daß der kleine, niedliche Knirps gefährdet ist, ein hasserfüllter, großer Ultra zu werden 😉

    PS: ich glaube, auch ohne das “homosexual” (oder überhaupt “sexual”) ist das Bild in gewisser Weise lustig, da es sich hier auch um eine Urologe/Gastrologe-Patient-Szene handeln könnte, woran wohl auch ein Großteil der MÄNNLICHEN Betrachter erinnert wird 🙂


    1. Von dem kleinen Jungen habe ich auch immer noch das Video im Gedächtnis, daß Sky Sports bei ihm zu Hause gemacht hat — sehr wahrscheinlich hat mich das in meiner Wahl mit beeinflußt 😉

      Was sind denn deine Favoriten?


  2. Ach, war das der kleine Knirps mit Mama, Papa und Bruder/Schwester am Essenstisch? Na gut, der schien ja in die richtigen Bahnen erzogen worden zu sein. Dann wohl ehr kein zukünftiger Ultra mit Schlagstock und Fackel – wenn alles gut geht zumindest lol

    Und was meine Favoriten angeht: das sage ich dir morgen nach ausreichend Schlaf, weil du sonst wahrscheinlich noch weitere Male meinen falschen Kommentar löschen musst, wenn ich mal wieder was falsch mache oder falsch schreibe. Das überfordert mich gerade völlig! 🙂


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