This is the front and back side of volume I of my copy & paste sessions with the T.E. Lawrence letters. I could have it for weeks now but couldn’t decide on the picture(s) I’d put on front and back side. Today I had to go to my former working place where I could put together the paper I’ve printed in Bochum so I had a fast decision to made.

At the end this decision was made pretty fast with my favourite drawn picture from T.E.L. made by the artist Augustus John. How it’s printed on the front of this 330 pages volume these are the years 1905 to 1920 (when Lawrence was aged 17 to 32). Now I’m still in 1931 with the C&P and on my own page 962 so there will be four volumes in total. I can only print the “rest” when I’m back in Bochum but this will be next week already so little time to C&P until May 1935.

When I was back home I had a nice postcard in my mailbox: from my parents who are currently on holiday in Kusadasi, Turkey. I love both on this card: the aerial view from Ephesos and the historical site as well. I’m already curious about the pictures they have made. On Thursday they’ll come back.

PS. And Turkey has got very nice stamps (the one on the right ;))


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