Alright then, Tumblr at first says to me that I can only upload one audio file each day while I have five from the Newcastle 2-1 Aston Villa game (Sunday, 05 February 2012) to share as Kevin Kilbane was again co-commentator for Newstalk. Then I thought that it’s not too bad because there are obviously not too many news about Kevin so having an audio file each day until Friday is quite good. Because the best sources in the world are direct / primary one’s. But these good arguments were all doomed because the first audio file was too big for Tumblr. DISGRACE!!

Anyway. At first I’ll post the three Gifs I have made and that also don’t work on Tumblr (on what case ever):

And as I’ve posted on Tumblr I want to repeat myself here to have this all together: Season 2000 / 2001 was a good one when it comes to Kevin Kilbane goals. He scored five for Sunderland (the team whose fans loved Kevin to bits) and one for the Republic of Ireland vs Finland. But the three goals that stand out are these one’s:

1) Sunderland 2-1 Derby (1-0, 40) — Saturday, 16 September 2000.
2) Southampton 0-1 Sunderland (0-1, 54) — Saturday, 28 April 2001.
3) Sunderland 3-2 Charlton (1-0, 11) — Saturday, 05 May 2001.

Have tried now to upload the five parts of brilliant and enthusiastic co-commentating by Kevin Kilbane at Newcastle 2-1 Aston Villa I now have given up my project and will only embed the three parts from Newstalk now. In Newstalk part 1 you have to scroll forward to minute 12:20 when the pre-match talk begins. Then with a tiny commercial break there is part 1 of the first half. In Newstalk part 2 there is part 2 of the first half, then again a bit of commercials plus rugby discussions and after that part 1 of the second half. And the remaining part 2 of the second half is on Newstalk part 3.

It’s a very good listen so please do so. Kevin really talks much about the Ireland team, which players he would include into the Euro 2012 squad, there are also some text message questions towards him and from time to time some nice gimmicks. A real joy to listen to!

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