I had to send a birthday present today and as the present itself wasn’t so inspirational I had to beauten up the package. The stamp I think can be enough for a present as it’s relatively new and presents the 500th birthday of the Sixtine Madonna now situated at the Old Masters in Dresden.

Next part of my day was to take some pictures of my new Lego Mini figures. I was growing up without Lego and because of that these days I have a strong intention to own some of these tiny beauties. As a historian I certainly like the figures that represent old cultures, so in the next picture you can see a Roman soldier, a Wiking, a Highlander and an Irish Leprechaun:

And because he is so lovely you get an extra picture of the Leprechaun with the shadows of all four mini figures behind him:

Last but not least there is a picture and a close-up of one part of my next project. You can guess what it may be (or will be) but I won’t say so far because it’s too fresh to know what stage it will become:


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