The last Old Firm game of the season happened today and I am in the mood to put together a little photo report made from screenshots during the game. The quality isn’t that good but you may recognize what I tell about the game or the very scene on the picture.

Since Rangers forced to go into administration, reduced to 10 points in the SPL table and Celtic clinch the title easily their supporters were quite inventive when it came to abusive banners in the stands. I won’t show them here but you can scoll through the pictures if you like on this page. I quite don’t like any of them. I might be a bit old-fashioned here but I like banners who support the own team not abuse the opponent. So I still like both clubs, Rangers and Celtic, but in the last years I went more towards Rangers to do well especially for the fact that Neil Lennon, the Celtic manager, doesn’t behave respectfully to the referees and the SFA but still believes that Celtic are becoming always second best out of 50-50 situations / circumstances. Celtic only have to suffer because of Neil Lennon and he needs to recognize it.

You see I can talk for ages on this subject despite the fact that I only wanted to show you some funny Big Jig pictures from today’s game. So, here we go:

Yes, it really last four minutes for Lee to make his first spectacular fall (I won’t call that dive!) of the game. The result was a throw-in for Celtic.

His volley from around 20 yards just over the bar earns Lee a close-up plus his name on the telly. Job done.

Gravity is just for the scientists. It doesn’t work on a football pitch. And it’s still goalless…

… well, not any more. Charlie Mulgrew made it 1-0 to Celtic in the 17th minute with a header from a Kris Commons’ corner.

Until half time it was Celtic mostly with them leading 2-0 at the break with Kris Commons making it 2-0 in the 31st minute from a Gary Hooper pass into the box. And the second half began equally with Allan McGregor had to save a great header from Victor Wanyama. But from the following corner Celtic made it 3-0 through Gary Hooper from a Giorgios Samaras pass…

… Lee wasn’t impressed.

The lone striker role for Lee McCulloch didn’t work today. Not at all. Many long balls towards him but he couldn’t get almost any one. Sometimes it was him against three Celtic defenders while his team mates were nowhere near to help. Too much defending (that didn’t work, too) but not much going forward and not much support. Sone Aluko alone stood out with contributions but sometimes he wanted too much for himself, didn’t find the right time to pass the ball.

As the game went on Rangers know more and more they were beaten today with them only playing half-hearted. The frustration on Lee’s face after another chance went on by says it all.

Lee is well known for his using not only his legs but also his arms. Today his “victim” was Charlie Mulgrew who felt that Lee hitting him with his elbow into the face must have been intentional. But the referee just waved on.

There you can see what happens when Rangers play only with Jig as the lonely striker: also at the end of the game far too many Celtic players just can’t get enough of Big Jig.

All over. Celtic have won the last Old Firm of the season against Rangers but Charlie Mulgrew again wanted an explanation from Lee for his deliberatly elbow attack as he might felt.

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