My memory hits me when it comes to remember when I first fell in love with watching Snooker (I also play it sometimes but can’t say I enjoy it much when I tell you that my highest break is 12 — yes, twelve!) but I definitely know that it was a game between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Matthew Stevens. I like them both because they show their feelings whilst playing and when you have watched some games of them you know and enjoy what they are brilliant for: Ronnie a.k.a The Rocket with his simple looking break-building, his fast breath-taking play and Matthew a.k.a The Welsh Dragon with his long balls.

Yesterday ended their semi-final in the World Cup with a 17-10 win by O’Sullivan but it was a thrilling game with hard fought safety battles, brilliant long balls by Stevens and mouth-watering breaks by O’Sullivan. A game I think one of the best I have ever seen but I may be biased given the fact that I love them both. After the first session I didn’t know that it would be a real classic to me, so I only took pictures of the statistics from session 2 and session 3:

Today and tomorrow Ronnie plays the final against fellow Englishman Ali Carter and currently leads him with 5-3 after the first session. I slightly fear that Ronnie could quit Snooker (once again) in case he gets his forth World Cup title after 2001, 2004 and 2008 because he seems to be relaxed than never before but Ronnie is always full of surprises so I’ll just watch him and see. It would be sad to me because for the last two years or so I wasn’t really much into Snooker most because Ronnie wasn’t around. And Matthew wasn’t at his best, too. So hopefully Ronnie’s decision he already made isn’t quitting.


2 thoughts on “Snooker: The Rocket vs The Welsh Dragon — my most favourite match ever

  1. Completely agree about the ‘showing emotion’ facet of watching them play – sometimes a game can be so dull when players show nothing – even if they are losing terribly!


    1. I haven’t watched Snooker much since the World Cup mostly because of that fear Ronnie filfilled. Hope he will come back any time soon because to be honest: their aren’t many other players I like to watch. Peter Ebdon maybe (although on his day he can be the most boring Snooker player) so a match between him and Matthew Stevens I would definitely watch but besides of it? Not really.


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