Two really special days went by. And I am not sad that they are gone. No: I am happy that I have lived them. People who aren’t like football won’t understand but you don’t need to. Also you will have something you are enthusiastic with so perhaps you will understand that I was enthusiastic in watching Roy Keane play football again yesterday and Kevin Kilbane participating in a sport quiz show today. Seen it only on the television and in very low quality but it was still worth it. These two Irishmen are my favourite footballers but as I now can’t see them playing regularely anymore I am in the hunt for any chance to watch or listen to them anywhere else.

Now yesterday Roy participated on a charity football match for Soccer Aid. Before the match, during it and well after money was collected to help stop the poverty and hunger in the world. So it wasn’t just the match but also the cause that was worth it. Roy only played the first 22 minutes because he was motivated as ever but his body wasn’t up to date with his mind. So this one (and two similar occasions) forced him to abandon the match due to a foot injury:

Kevin’s part today was more relaxed on the physical basis but tougher on the mind front. He was one participant of the BBC One quiz show A Question of Sport (ser. 41 / ep. 30) and because I knew before broadcasting I could watch. It was nice to see him again in action and in moving pictures obviously I would have prefered that on the football pitch.

As it was a show on testing your knowledge about sport Kevin had to be smart and he was. His team made the last eight points to win 22-20 in the end and the most correct answers came from him (as I am very biased to say so).

During watching the show I have made these terrible looking pictures but thought they were worth it because there won’t be any on the internet I am afraid. Low quality is due to photographs made from watching on the laptop:

4 thoughts on “Roy Keane and Kevin Kilbane

  1. Erinnere mich noch gut an die Folgen, in denen Ally McCoist Co-Host von A Question of Sport war. So lustig, weil er einen Spruch nach dem anderen fabriziert hat (von denen ich aufgrund seines Akzents zwar nicht alle verstanden habe, aber sein Lachen war einfach ansteckend).


        1. Naja, gesagt hat er nicht wirklich viel: Fragen beantwortet eben. Zumindest das kennst du ja. War übrigens meine erste Folge, die ich davon gesehen habe, nachdem ich zunächst einen Stream für BBC One suchen mußte und dann mehr als glücklich war, als ich ihn hatte🙂 Das erste Spiel habe ich zunächst auch nicht kapiert und war deshalb schwer beeindruckt, daß die das so schnell hingekriegt haben (mehrere Sportler sind zu sehen, deren Namen gemeinsam irgendein Idiom ergeben).


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