I have the strange imagination that I am part of my football team also when I am at home and not able to be part of the crowd in the stadium or even of the team itself. And because I have this imagination I’d also like to think that I should do something, do my very part to strenghten the (my) mood, the ability and the all-over hope — to make the luck even more possible, so to speak.

Yesterday my chosen part in the process was a 16 kilometre walk to a football pitch where I wanted to play a bit of football to make my mind clear of all speculations, hopes and memories. But in the end I was unlucky on this part because the pitch was full of little children with whom I didn’t wanted to play (and perhaps they wouldn’t have with me either). My feet I had ruined nevertheless because I had chosen to make this trip with my indoor football boots — not the wisest of decisions I have ever made.

City Hall in Dresden-Coschütz, where I already felt that my feet aren’t alright any more.

Made this pic just after I had helped out a group of tourists to make pictures of themselves in the front of some random tourist spot in Coschütz.

If you are interested in the Coschütz history then just click the picture and read (but be careful: it’s in German, you know?).

Now you will recognize that Coschütz is right on the periphery of Dresden. These are just three impressions of the little wood I went through yesterday. Pure nature, no mobile to hear — brilliant!

Autobahn tunnels right on the edge of the Coschütz wood in the Plauener Grund.

Same mountain but just a bit higher: old castle on the top of the mountain.

Not far from the autobahn straight back towards Dresden.

As you can see it’s a tower on the so-called “Hoher Stein” because this tower stands on a high stone. Simple.

Nearby the today well traffical football pitch: graffiti on a wall of a gym.

Still up looking towards the Plauener Grund.

Closer view to the bridge in the Plauener Grund.

That certainly once was a fabric of something but these days there are some smaller shops in it. And you can see it left-hand side from the previous shown view.

Not much water in this pond but even more water lilies instead. And frogs. They seem to like the smell.

Close-up to a snail’s house. I don’t know if it was abandoned.

Another close-up this time to the water lilies.

And here my photo-show ends while hope for the game was at its zenith…

3 thoughts on “Before Republic of Ireland 1-3 Croatia (Euro 2012)

  1. Also einige der Bilder (zumeist vom Plauener Grund) haben fast die Atmosphäre von Moodelleisenbahnaufnahmen ohne daß ich genau sagen könnte, warum. Vielleicht liegt es am Motiv an sich.


    1. Es gibt da ja so spezielle Kamerafilter, so daß das wie Modellanlage aussieht. Das habe ich allerdings nicht verwendet. Scheint also an der Landschaft an sich zu liegen 😉


      1. Stimmt, sieht wirklich so aus, als hättest du einen solchen Filter verwendet. Ganz besonders bei dem Bild von der ehemaligen Fabrik.


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