Back in June this year (13 days ago) I made a trip to Rathen, a nice little town in the midst of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains for a walk on the great viewpoint Bastei. First of all I have made this trip for photographs so I did 160 in total with 99 of them useful enough to upload them on Flickr. If you like to have a photo walk, too, be aware: you need to cross the river Elbe by ferry when you arrive in Rathen by train (like me) so becoming seasick isn’t an advantage for reason. And if you haven’t got experiences in walking for hours your muscles will be sore for two or three days after that. But it’s more than worth it.

You can watch my photographs in the slide show or just have a look on my personal favourites right below:


6 thoughts on “Saxon Switzerland | June 2012: a photo report

  1. I have a friend in Manitoba who takes brilliant outdoor photographs and sells them to people who publish them in calendars, tourist brochures and magazine advertising. The above photographs are of the same quality – fantastic!


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