Yesterday short after high noon I took my bicycle to go for an 18km ride from my home to Schloß Moritzburg, a beautiful castle in the middle of a tiny lake. You probably have seen this castle before as it was one of the sets for the well-known Czechoslovakia / East-Germany fairy-tale movie Tři oříšky pro Popelku / Three Nuts for Cinderella and I always wanted to make a shoot there.

Weather was great until I just decided to start my way back home. With the glimpse of a thought I decided against the coach and also did that by bicycle — the whole 18km. But it was only half-way when heavy rain and lightning hit my path so I had to cover myself somewhere. I have chosen a bus waiting room for that where a man already sat. He also where there by bicycle but unlike me he did a trip from his home city Prague in the Czech Republic within three days. Just some weeks ago he made a trip from Prague to Paris within ten days. Just remarkable! Because when I finally came home my whole body did hurt and I couldn’t sit (I still can’t properly!).

But it’s good that I have made this trip because I took some more or less great photographs. You can watch a slide-show here and right below I show you my personal favourites:


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