I haven’t written here for a very long time and I’m still not in the mood to do so. Anyway I have some pictures to share and I also want to write some rubbish sentences so here we go:

Obviously that’s a cyclamen but doubled up because this is a 3D picture. You can see the effect if you cross your eyes and then wait for some seconds until one picture is left. But be careful: if it doesn’t work with your eyes don’t over-try it. If you do so your eyes could stay crossed for ever!

Bee on a flower: not much explanation needed.

These are all pictures from August, 27 when I took a visit to my parents’ home and their garden. Also this blueberry bush grows there and the berries are big and tasty. It’s a real shame I can’t have one at my own flat.

Another 3D pic from apples that really looking tasty but aren’t. Trust me: I have tried.

No comment.

This flower also speaks for itself.

Please notice the little spider in the centre of the flower.

Carnation. Two others will follow:

And last but not least there are two little gifs to show you all the pleasure and playfulness you can have in a garden in the summer:


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