This is a part of Bad Schandau in Germany where my parents, my brother and myself started a little walk for family bonding perhaps. Yes, I think you can tell it like this but it turned out that only my mother, my brother and me enjoyed it. My father wasn’t too impressed by getting lost in the forest and walking around for a very long time without a straight plan. It also turned out that my parents thought that it would be a nice walk along the river Elbe but infact there was much climbing and yes, the previous mentioned tiny disorientation in the Saxon woods.

Another point that doesn’t impress my father was our over the top speed. My brother took the lead almost every time and myself with my mother were right behind while my father didn’t really enjoy walking at all. I then decided to take pictures every now and then to give him the opportunity to close up with us. I had my usual camera (Samsung NX10) and my new mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S III) with me. So I changed the cameras several times to give my father the suggestion that he wasn’t that slow. Yes, I know: I’m too nice!

Some feathers on the ground were the starting point of some great discussions what could have happened there. But I refuse to tell you because it wasn’t all nice. As I said I too my new mobile phone (i.e. smartphone) with me I also had the opportunity for the second time to tweet pictures live via Instagram, the really great smartphone app. To be honest this was one major point on my pro list for buying a smartphone and I couldn’t wait to use it. The pictures here are all made with my mobile and pimped a bit with the Instagram options. On my mobile they look far greater than here but I think the motives are worth appearing here so watch on:

Now this was the turning point of our odyssey through the forest. My brother went already through there around two years ago but on this very spot we weren’t able to continue. So we were forced to walk back through mud and over fallen trees and down the hill we needed enormous power to go up previously. My father was fuming at this stage of the trip.

So obviously he didn’t had the eye for the great stuff I have seen there: this little shamrock for example.

Yes, this is the hill. And it doesn’t look as precipitous as it was. A real joy to walk!

I think that these mushrooms were the only joy my father had during this trip. I have to add that he doesn’t need to search for them. He just finds them.

This is the so-called Papststein. We could have walked on the top of that mountain but again my father spoiled it with ordering we should go the shorter way. And this was the time when my brother and me conspired for another trip. This time alone. But we were successful in climbing on top of the so-called Gohrisch from that top the view on the Papststein was shot.

Now this is probably my favourite picture. I don’t really know why. Perhaps because of the composition.

Then we arrived Königstein just in time with the start of the League 1 game Coventry City vs Stevenage. We were all hungry and initially found an Italian restaurant. But it hasn’t much to offer not to mention real meat I was dieing for. So we changed restaurant and found a pretty decent one: not in the centre of many tourists and with a great menu.

That wasn’t on the menu but right next to us for decoration (and maybe brewing own beer).

This now was my dinner: meat with mushrooms and chips — just the right meal after a long walk.

After that we still had some minutes until our train would bring us back to Dresden so we then had our little walk along the river Elbe as my parents initially thought it would be for the whole day:

And that was it then: a great day for my mother, my brother and myself. Not so much for my father but that wasn’t our fault.

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