I HAVE WON IT — which means I have written 50,000 words (and a few more) within the 30 November days. It went a bit different than last year when I had finished the novel only in January 2012. This novel I will probably finish around May 2013 because I can feel very much more substance innit. The subject and the plot is fitting for a 400-pages-novel for sure. But we will see where it will end up. I am definitely still in the mood for writing around 1,000 words per day but I’m not yet sure wether to finish this novel or try to re-start my Doc thesis. It will be probably the second choice because I’m keen on it.

But for this year’s NaNoWriMo I have to say that it was pretty hard especially when I had put some decent music from my LastFM library on. More than once I discovered that I simply can’t write when there is something going on around me and my mind. The surroundings on me need to be in absolute silence. I need to be focused on this one project. When I’m really in it and my fingers fly over the letters of my laptop then it’s possible that I maybe listen to classic music but also here: nothing with lyrics.

On the last three days I had to write almost 10,000 words because I had suffered midway from lazyness. The ideas were there but I simply didn’t want to write. Perhaps it was for the better of my story because I felt one day later when I had a real good idea that I didn’t need to think much about it and it went really well. And with reading some parts I thought several sentences are definitely funny or cunning or whatever. You can also call it: very much satisfying.

On the plot itself I won’t talk too much. My main characters are called Mark and Thomas (French spelled), they are both students of history and maths and best friends. On a strange occasion they discover the entrance to different universes so they are able to travel through space for the same time in a parallel or alternate universe. When I had finished NaNoWriMo they were still in the first alternate universe helping the people there to escape the powers of the so-called Media Room, some kind of an intelligent internet. I’m perhaps still 20,000 words away from let them going back to the space doorway. So imagine that I’m planning to lead them to another two alternate universes before they will be able to return home.

In simple maths this could be: 20,000 + 50,000 + 50,000 + 50,000 + 30,000 = 300,000 words. Given the fact that 50,000 words in my document are 125 pages my finished novel could have 750 pages in total. We will see then. But what I already have aren’t just the first 125 pages but also the front page: a picture from the space doorway:


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2012 is finished and you know what?

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn (obwohl ich noch nicht ganz begriffen habe, o du jetzt gewonnen hast, weil du es noch im November geschafft hast oder weil du der erste warst, der fertig geworden ist).


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