frontispiceOne of my best mates recently got his Doctor degree plus celebrated his 36th birthday. So I had to do something special for his birthday. I had bought a note book two years ago from the Xmas market in Xanten and haven’t used it myself so far. So I thought that it would be a fitting present together with a cunning idiom written by myself on the first page. I hadn’t to think for too long because there was just one catching phrase fitting enough for this event: the one you can read above as pictured the very page. But as I strongly believe that not all readers are firmly familiar with Ancient Greek I’d like to translate it for you:

“If someone should ask you, Romans, where you have let down your own general, say then: at Orchomenos when he was fighting.”
App. Mithr. 195.

I strongly believe that Lucius Cornelius Sulla have really screamed that to his soldiers when many had already fled the battlefield against the phalanx of Archelaos back in 86 BC. And in case it isn’t true then it’s brilliantly made-up by Appian. Indeed I hope someday there will be a good made movie about Sulla because his character and life is actually made for Hollywood and I can’t believe that no-one already have thought about him.

But back to the present and the phrase: It may be strange but every time when I think about it I feel slightly heroic thinking I am able to do everything in life. So because of that I have chosen the phrase hoping that Daniel will feel quite equally.


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