On the history of this martial pal I have said enough so you can read here all about it if you have missed it so far. Why another post about him then? Well, because I’ve taken several other photographs, tried out to sent them all through Pixlr and now want to show you a few versions (as I have used too much time on it to just keep them for myself!).


Just keep in mind that you can click on every image for a bigger one and more details.


The next one is a bit too colourful perhaps but in some ways I like it. Please don’t ask why. I don’t know it either.


And this one is obviously one part of the picture from Part 1 – the best part in fact:


And maybe you’d like to know what’s the view the archer could have if he was alive and able to see: here it is: first version in quite modern but with some unnatural shadows, the second an old-made version:

Elbufer overview / modern

Elbufer overview / old

Now to wave goodbye to the martial fellow you can now look into the direction he isn’t very keen about (otherwise would he be about to shoot an arrow?) together with his image reflecting into a puddle.



2 thoughts on “Der Bogenschütze am Dresdner Elbufer, part 2

  1. Im vierten Bild sieht er fast echt aus, zumindest in der kleineren Blog-Aufnahme. Aber leider keine direkte Gesichtsaufnahme dabei. Wie hoch ist er überhaupt?


    1. Muß meine Bilder nochmal durchgehen, vielleicht kann ich dann ja zumindest noch einen Gesichtsausschnitt nachreichen. Oder ich muß ihn nochmal für eine Session besuchen 😉

      Wie hoch der ist, weiß ich gar nicht. Kann nur schätzen, daß er wohl um die drei Meter groß ist.


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