The majority of football fans and pundits will tell you that Rory Delap did only make it as a Premier League footballer because of his throw-ins but I know otherwise: he hasn’t got just brilliant technique in his hands but his feet, too. Unfortunately he has scored this stunner when television was just invented and no-one ever talked about it:

Then – years later – Wayne Rooney did the same and because he played for Manchester United and not Southampton there was talk about it for weeks and months afterwards:

Ridiculous, isn’t it? Because in my opinion Delap’s strike together with the landing aesthetically was far better. And with last weekend we have another brilliant goal by Rory Delap this time for English fourth tier club Burton Albion. You can watch it here from 2:50min if you are a subscriber to Club Player. Otherwise there is a very short video on Youtube where you hardly recognize the brilliance of Delap’s goal:

As I said: you can’t even notice that it’s Delap mind how he scored. So I’d like to describe: from the corner he scores directly with his left foot. Instantly when I’ve seen it for the first time I was reminded of very much the same goal scored by Jürgen Klinsmann at Italia ’90 vs the Netherlands:

The only difference is that this goal didn’t came from a corner but a cross. I’m quite sure that there are a lot of people who remember that Klinsmann goal after 23 years but just a few will remember that Delap goal because – well – 1) it’s Delap, 2) he scored for little Burton Albion in League 2, 3) no good footage exists.

What a shame…


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