Olympiastadion Berlin

Since I haven’t written a post in here for a veeery long time I caught myself up with the thought to explain once again why this always happens. Mostly it’s because I’ve taken too many photographs editing them all I’m too lazy but choosing only one of them doesn’t seem alright. Then it’s too many thoughts into my head and all of them want to be written first. It ends up with me writing nothing here. So the reasons this time are exactly that: too much to write and then afraid of it could make an article of 5,000 words or so. None of you will ever read (and so won’t I when it’s been written and posted). So here I am with actually starting again writing nonsense in the first sentences. I have to start again, I’m afraid.

New start: my ticket for this concert was a Xmas present from my parents last year and I was really looking forward to it until three / four days before the concert actually did happen when I still hadn’t got a car or train ticket to Berlin, not to mention a place where I could stay for the night. Have seen Roger Waters now for three times and The Wall in Berlin would be his last one there I have read somewhere. As the Rolling Stones with every new tour proof: never say never but if it’s indeed his last concert then I’m happy that I had the opportunity to watch it live at last.

Some words on the show itself before I switch into German for the main report: Roger was in good mood. He was half an hour too late and fans were just starting to moan about it but nobody cared about it any longer when the show started. I’m quite a bit ambivalent when it comes to the lyrics and the pictures shown. I really love ‘The Wall’ and some songs of it I like more than others. But all in all it belongs together, tells a story. I can’t really take it as purely a rock show and behave like that. Normally I’d sing along but as it was my first live ‘Wall’ show I just wanted to soak up every word and every beam of light and every picture shown on the wall that was built completely at half time. Only problem were the other people around me. Certainly ‘The Wall’ is probably made for stadiums but as I said I just wanted to listen and watch what happened on that wall – it wasn’t possible. Too many too tall guys were standing in front of me and they were making themselves even taller with smartphones held up above their heads so they could take their blurry pictures no-one would ever recognize on them what concert they had attended.

I refused to take pictures except for the great evil pig that was flying above our heads during ‘Run Like Hell’ but I knew that my smartphone pictures would be disappointing to look on a day after so I left it and tried to enjoy the show. I don’t need to show everybody that I was there because I can tell and they will believe me anyway. And I had hoped everyone else would have thought equally. You won’t look at them even once after you had taken them so just leave it and listen to Roger!

Alright then: I won’t switch into German because I’m in that rant flow right now and my English ranting is far better than my German one. So I’ll continue in English. But I have to take a step back now because this concert even started before it actually started: right in front of the entrance of the Olympiastadion where it took place (by the way: the three pictures above show you the entrance towers of the stadium from exterior and interior plus a statue of two discus throwers from the interior). Since 2006 when Roger Waters had seen the Israelite wall he fights for it to tear it down equally to the Berlin wall in 1989. To make it public there was a flyer handed out by some activists from the B(oycott)D(esinvestition)S(anktionen)-Kampagne with some information about it. And so the main theme of ‘The Wall’ was transferred from being an angry, terrified youth who built a wall around himself for protection to an outrage against war and crime all over in this world. It fits perfectly but for me it’s not a rock concert any more. I’ll probably enjoy it more when I’m watching it on DVD if ‘enjoy’ can be used for it. As I said before: I really love ‘The Wall’ but as it changed meaning from 1979 to 2013 it’s more like an appeal for freedom now – a serious subject. So people only waiting for ‘Another Brick In the Wall, pt.2’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ haven’t understand what Roger Waters wanted to tell them. Interaction failed on these people. I won’t judge – they may enjoy the show and rightly so – but I can’t sing along, I need to listen, to watch and think about it after.

So, even I haven’t seen much I indeed have noticed that Roger tried to learn some important German phrases and his rallying call for peace in the world was very touching. His voice goes old but as long as he is able to talk he won’t be silent which is great. I hope he goes on like that as long as he can and hopefully some people are listening.

I said I refused to take blurry pictures or film the whole time because I knew there would be many others who will. So there follows some videos I found on YouTube from which you might get some idea what the show was all about:


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