Not generally, because I know it’s an addiction your older friends brought you into. Or you were too stressed at some point of your life that you needed to start inhale poison and blow your brain off. Mostly it’s all about business and the industry that make you smoke because of all the cool dudes with their cowboy hats on riding towards the sunset – only possible with a glowing cig in mouth. I’m all in with this idea of coolness. And if you are a sad little pal who doesn’t have a girlfriend your chances grow immensely if you have your lighter by your hand at a party to be helpful to that stunning blonde. I just imagine later when you are kissing her and the taste of old Camel’s blow your mind off. That was definitely worth it!

But I miss my point. As I said: I get the idea that some folk have to smoke. But just respect the one’s who don’t. At least I don’t run amok and steal all of your cigarettes from your mouth. So it would be sorta nice if you’d mind to not blow your smoke straight into my face when I pass without a cigarette in mouth. You at some point in your life have chosen to smoke. I at some point of my life have chosen not to. But: every time I go to a public building I have to fight myself through a wall of smoke until I finally can breath again in the interior of the very building. Since smoking within buildings isn’t allowed any more it has become even more disgusting for non-smokers really. It’s like every single smoker wants to punish the non-smokers for having to step outside into the cold to poison themselves.

My advice: in every building there is one room that is literally empty and not needed. Put the smokers in there. So they don’t need to smoke in the cold and most importantly: not in front of the main entrance. Seamus would be happy!


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