I think the best thing about CM Punk is that he’s always good for something different, something you wouldn’t expect from him – a nice little surprise (like me doing some rhyming here 😉 So I knew CM Punk so far as a very terrible singer who never hits one single note correctly. So whether he got some singing lessons or musicals are really his thing I don’t know but his extract from West Side Story was the best singing piece I’ve ever heard from him. Actually he didn’t do exactly West Side Story because the original lyrics are I feel pretty and witty and bright but the I feel pretty and witty and gay wasn’t his idea. It’s been sang by Adam Sandler in Anger Management but slightly more enthusiastic by Punk:

Later on Twitter Punk referred to previous proof that he might actually is indeed able to sing but seriously: hanging on just one note for most of this song isn’t really singing:

After that he was a bit more serious on the question stating that he knows that he will go down versus The Shield at TLC but will do his best to take as many members of them with him. This little gem of an interview took place just after Punk did watch The Shield winning their 6-Man-Tag-Team-Match versus Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big Show around the middle of the show. But it all kicked off right from the beginning when Punk started RAW using another bad word towards the Authority that needed to get beeped over. Stephanie McMahon and Kane (who looks terribly ordinary without his mask) then came out to address Punk followed by The Shield to emerge. Punk weapons himself up with a chair just for Stephanie to hand out the order to The Shield to hold still. It was this moment when it was pretty clear that The Shield indeed acted towards Punk on the orders of The Authority. And it was then when Kane announced that it will be the 3-on-1 handicap match of The Shield vs Punk at TLC. But before that we will have one member of The Shield having a match vs Punk coming Smackdown. I hope that it will be Dean Ambrose but it could also be Roman Reigns because of him getting pushed now or Seth Rollins because he could be handed a single match. We will read tomorrow.

The next great thing on RAW were #BadNewsBarrett with two nice insults by the (English) man to the American audience in the arena. And I instantly had another idea how WWE could use Colt Cabana into their shows: how about #BadNewsBarrett on one side and #GoodNewsCabana on the other: both in robs at the lectern outdoing each other in good news and bad news. Could be great but won’t happen. Hopefully WWE at least goes on with #BadNewsBarrett.

There was a bit of fighting after that with Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan of the Wyatt’s and after the match DB was told by Kane that he will have to fight in another 3-on-1 handicap match versus the whole Wyatt Family at TLC. Not that I’ve already knew that one week ago.

Another two matches went by plus one senseless Cena promo until I had something to look forward to again: the 6-Man-Tag-Team match of The Shield versus Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big Show. First of all it was great that it took pretty long. Dean Ambrose got a lot of beating but in wrestling terms he didn’t show great moves or something spectacular accept from the top rope rolling of Big Show perhaps. That could be different when he actually might have his fight versus Punk on Smackdown. Here on RAW The Shield in persona of Seth Rollins got the win.

Three other matches happened later on with one including Fandango again (he is very rarely to be seen in the last couple of weeks) and the show should have ended with the contract signing by Cena and Randy Orton for their match at TLC. Actually the signing didn’t happen because Cena shot against Orton (and this is pretty easy when you go for Orton’s real personality and his drug abuse – Cena didn’t name it but it was crystal clear that he was referring to that fact) and after that a little brawl between the two men broke free. Contract signing still in the making though… yaaawn…

But the most important question of the night remained unanswered: What t-shirt did CM Punk wear under his sweatshirt?

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose


2 thoughts on “RAW 13/12/02: I feel pretty, too, and sometimes gay as hell!

  1. Habe gehört, ein möglicher Face-Turn von Roman Reigns während TLC wäre denkbar, womit aus dem 3-on-1 ein 2-on-2 werden könnte.


    1. Ja, das mit dem Face-Turn von RR steht ja schon seit einiger Zeit im Raum bzw. wird diskutiert. Wenn dann SR noch dazukäme, wäre das umso großartiger, wenn ich mir da nur die Möglichkeiten ausmale, die sich danach ergeben:

      1) Fehde Punk vs Ambrose mit Hilfe für Punk von RR und SR
      2) Fehde Ambrose vs RR und SR
      3) Heel-Turn Punk >> Fehde Ambrose und Punk vs RR und SR

      Die Liste ließe sich fortsetzen. Nur weiß ich jetzt schon, daß die WWE da wieder nichts richtiges draus macht. Aber ich lasse mich auch gerne überraschen. Noch ist ja nichts verloren 😉


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