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Yes, there was some fun in the match of the Real Americans vs Rey Mysterio and Big Show given Rey is around half the height of his Tag Team partner of the day – interesting to watch and the finish was hilarious. Yes, Alberto Del Rio has managed to get hated even more by the audience with his brutal attack to Kofi Kingston right before their match even started. And yes, I like the big evil grin by Wade Barrett when he blasts out his #BadNewsBarrett.

But: when the so-called main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton was about to happen I have already seen my main event of Smackdown. Twice.

I really like intense matches with two great characters. And when I say characters I mean with brains not just muscles. And these two have to know each other perfectly. They have to know what the other man is all about. And they have to like and respect each other to show real passion in the ring. Maybe I’m biased because I like both, CM Punk and Dean Ambrose, but I don’t really care. I have expected much from this match and the two of them haven’t disappoint me at all. Quite the opposite.

It all started when The Shield had a short promo when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns talked about what the opponent for Punk should have to be the right opponent. The one who can stand and defeat him. Dean Ambrose was silent until the end when he just said: “in other words… ME.” And gone he was – ready for the fight. You can’t do that better.

Yes, I’m in love. Don’t remind me. I well know.

And around the middle of Smackdown these thirteen and a half minutes happened. Only yesterday (in preparation of today) I have watched Ambrose vs Punk at the former FCW on 21 October 2011 when Punk at the end said that in five years time Ambrose will be there as champion to fight a then upcoming talent with a big mouth. Well, FCW isn’t any more but there is NXT and who knows what happens in 2016. But just from this match today alone I could tell that it doesn’t need to take that long.

Ambrose was mocking Punk all the time, he attacked his ribs that were supposed to be damaged even before the match. I haven’t seen Punk crying and acting hurt that much for a long time. Actually he was enjoying himself and might be a bit bored in his recent Tag Team matches. But today he looked all focused, destined to make the best possible out of this match.

I said before that I have already seen the match twice. Just because of the both men’s facial expressions I could watch it four times. And another four times to actually re-watch every move. For me a great wrestling match is not about power. It’s about intensity, about emotions and I don’t know if I just haven’t got it because my main and only focus was on these two men but were was the audience in Oklahoma? I have barely heard them cheer and be in that match. Maybe I just belong to the minority who enjoys athletic wrestlers not big guys like Big Show or Ryback. But you know what? I always enjoyed to be part of the minority and now that I’ve seen that one and only match for me at the moment I definitely want more!

Give me a feud between Punk and Ambrose all over any double or triple unification championship and I’ll be happy.

PS. No-one drops better to sleep from the GTS than Dean Ambrose!

CM Punk_Dean Ambrose


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