Dean Ambrose looks great

When the finish of something is great you only remember the fact that the whole piece was great. And forget the ridiculous and sub standard parts. I’ll therefore just cover the crap with the cloak of silence and tell something about the really great parts.

But since this was the Slammy Awards edition of RAW I’ll just put on some words on this special aspect: first of all I’ve failed tremendously with my predictions. But these were the predictions I mostly wished for, esp. I didn’t really wanted Punk to get an award for beating up Paul Heyman. But he did and he was slightly confused about it during his acceptance speech. Least he could do was to thank Paul Heyman for being such a great target. The other awards? Well, I don’t really get what people find so special about Dwayne. Won Match of the Year together with John Cena… (I won’t comment any further). But given the fact that the event happened in Seattle – home town area of Daniel Bryan – the man was awarded Superstar of the Year. Together with Beard of the Year (of course!) and this Yes! Fan Participation. At least, John Cena wasn’t awarded Superstar of the Year and seeing DB so happy (and not like a complete idiot) at the end was alright to me.

Best moment of the awards (why isn’t there an actual award for this?) by far: The Shield in suits presenting the Double-Cross of the Year with Dean Ambrose reaction on the booing. If this man won’t have a great 2014 I won’t ever know. But The Shield in whole already had a great 2013 with winning four awards (the Breakout Star of the Year the most important).

In preparation of TLC the WWE gifted us another match between CM Punk and Dean Ambrose. And this one was even longer (almost twenty minutes) and better than the last one at Smackdown. I fail completely to create new superlatives for it as I have already used them in this very article. What I’ve slightly missed in the Smackdown fight was more Punk action and there was today. The other two Shield members, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, were also standing beside the ring not far away. So Dean Ambrose could have his argument with them a few times that they shouldn’t interfere because he would do Punk on his own. Alea iacta est for a break-up of The Shield at TLC. At the end when Ambrose again was put to sleep by Punk Roman Reigns finished the job off with a spear on Punk and Seth Rollins dragged Ambrose out off the ring.

Interesting about this whole scenario and the Punk / Shield storyline was the very end of RAW when a brawl broke free between John Cena and Randy Orton (again!) and Punk was about to help to calm down Orton. It didn’t happen. Instead Punk got a hand of Orton into his face and this was the starting gun of the second brawl: Punk beating up Orton. Triple H pulled Punk away from Orton. Punk hit Triple H. Punk was beaten by Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was beaten by Daniel Bryan. Orton wanted to hit Daniel Bryan but put Stephanie McMahon on the ring floor accidentally. And of course Triple H hit Orton for beating up his wife.

So we now have Punk being completely involved into a feud with The Authority. All of a sudden the roles of Cena and Orton have changed. And given the fact that Cena already promised Daniel Bryan a ‘fair’ match for the unified championships before the brawl broke free either Daniel Bryan will join the Wyatt’s and turn heel or Cena turns heel vs Orton turns face. However: we definitely will get Punk vs Triple H at Wrestlemania (I hope I’m wrong!) but hopefully a little feud between Punk and Ambrose.

CM Punk laughs at Stephanie CM Punk vs Triple H

Ambrose doesn't agree


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