Dean Ambrose Rollins collage

And me having watched this Shield vs Usos match with the Punk promo later on but nothing else really. Because I can, too. Wasn’t really in the mood for anything else and when I’m being able just to have the best I leave it there. But I don’t really know (until now) why I’ve transcribed several of Dean Ambrose quotes. Certainly because I can this as well but is it useful? Because on YouTube, Tumblr etc. there are certainly several little video outtakes of it by now. But as I’m someone for the written word I’m typing that down – right here, right now.

I definitely like the rhythm in Ambrose’s commentary. Together with his unique voice he also has a unique style in speaking. You definitely had that boring teacher at school who couldn’t speak – only resting on one boring intonation for hours but you fell asleep within the first five minutes already. At first listening Ambrose could come across as a very boring speaker, too, because of his slow speaking at times. But he also varies in speed so it’s not boring at all. He’s also funny, quick-witted and he definitely isn’t ashamed of anything to say. For me Dean Ambrose for wrestling is like what Thomas Bernhard was for literature. And I can sense a slight similarity in appearance for the two of them. Google Thomas Bernhard if you don’t know him. And if you find pictures but aren’t sure: he’s the guy who looks like Dean Ambrose – easy!

Now for the commentary (haven’t took much notice to the match itself I have to admit). First subject were the Slammys, of course. Ambrose praising himself, The Shield in whole and then forms an elegant bow to CM Punk:

“Faction of the year. Talk about the greatest faction, the most dominant unit in sport’s entertainment history. Whether it’s two-on-two, three-on-three, eleven-on-three – The Shield always gets the job done. And with the three-on-one advantage against CM Punk on TLC – quite frankly, guys – it’s gonna get ugly. And don’t be fooled by our boyish good looks, OK? We’re not guys that gonna show a lot of sympathy, we’re not guys that are gonna show a lot of mercy to CM Punk at TLC.”

Then ordinary commentator Michael Cole went on to another subject: the supposed rift / crack in the Best Faction in the World (he didn’t call The Shield like that – these are my stupid words) and Ambrose acted similar to a politician: asking a counter question towards the big journalist. But Michael Cole didn’t let up:

MC: “Dean… what happens to you, what happens to The Shield if you loose Sunday? If CM Punk defeats you…”
DA: “We don’t.”
MC: “… on the three-on-one match. What if you do…”
DA: “We don’t, Michael.”
MC: “Let’s just think about it for a second. What if then happens?”
DA: “We don’t.”
DA: “I could spread giant wings, right now, and gonna fly out of that building, right now. I could sprout antlers outta my head, right now. JBL could spontaneously combust, right now. Are we gonna think about that? Are we gonna talk about that? Santa Claus could fly in this building right now and drop presents on the audience, the WWE universe here. Is that gonna happen? Are we gonna speculate about that?”

Both commentators didn’t want to speculate on flying pigs so they got the idea that Dean Ambrose is quite sure that The Shield will indeed defeat CM Punk – without any question. But Micheal Cole tried for another time to expose some rift between the three Shield members. Could be that he was just about to notice some bad grammar massacre within the enthusiasm in Ambrose’s words:

DA: “So powerful. The most powerful guy, I think. The most explosive guy, I think. My best friend… Roman Reigns.”
MC: “What about Seth Rollins? Is that not your best friend?”
DA: “He’s my best friend, too.”

But the most lyrical, almost metaphorical artistically valued set of words the master sent into space when the match was almost finished:

“You can swim for a while. But you are in there with The Shield. We drag you into deep water and we drown you. And The Usos just got drowned. Much like CM Punk will be drowning in the three-on-one handicap match at TLC.”

And only after this Seth Rollins was mocking Punk’s signature hand gesture calling for the GTS. Then he got one Uso up his shoulders, drop him and Roman Reigns speared him for a winning tap out. Just for Dean Ambrose with his last shot before he left the commentary table to join up with his boys into the ring:

“Sunday night CM Punk will Believe in The Shield.”

Celebrating their win against The Usos CM Punk interrupted his opponents at coming TLC on the Titantron with a short but entertaining promo. And he finished with mocking The Shield as well with them to:

“Believe… in the Best in the World.”

For me now looking forward to TLC would be an understatement. Because there is still also Triple H somewhere in the dust. And I’m expecting him / interfering at any stage of this match.

PS. This:

can also refer to any company like United Airlines Punk had trouble with in the past. But it certainly can refer to the WWE. And seeing / watching Colt Cabana slightly pissed off this week it might be that his try-out at the WWE wasn’t successful. So Punk as well made his feelings about that public. Just speculation as always, you know.


5 thoughts on “Smackdown 13/12/13: Ambrose Commentary Again – Because He Can

  1. And seeing / watching Colt Cabana slightly pissed off this week it might be that his try-out at the WWE wasn’t successful.
    Bezieht sich das auf das Video von Cabana, das zeigt, wie er als Independent Wrestling Ambasador ausgezeichnet wird? Das ist aber im Februar entstanden und Cabanas Try-Out war doch erst vor ein paar Wochen.


    1. Nein, eher auf den Beginn seines letzten Podcasts. Da klang er nicht wirklich fröhlich und eben leicht angepißt, ohne aber wirklich was konkretes als Ursache bezeichnet zu haben.


      1. Ah. Vielleicht einfach privater Stress. Auch ein Cabana hat mal schlechte Tage, was uns andere, die wir nicht jeden Tag mit einem breiten Grinsen durch die Welt laufen, doch durchaus beruhigt lol


        1. Klar. Irgendwie gehe ich aber immer davon aus, daß so ein Podcast ja irgendwie eine offizielle Sache ist, etwas, wofür man sich eben etwas ‘zusammenreißt’. Für ihn ist das aber wohl auch so etwas wie ein wöchentliches Tagebuch, das er eben zufällig noch mit der Welt teilt und es eben nicht unter Verschluß in der Schublade behält.


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