Dean Ambrose

Somehow – I still don’t know really why – I have watched Tribute to the Troops yesterday / early today in my time zone and there was only one hour of this show cut together from the live event. Very frustrating at first because seriously: when I watch a wrestling event and only get one hour of it I don’t want to listen to some soft pop music act called Daughtry and some not at all funny ventriloquist. But I’m not moaning any longer because at least the WWE in their infinite kindness put an exclusive video of The Shield vs The Usos & Rey Mysterio on YouTube. Who would have known? I could have had one more hour of sleep. Must be an overdose of festive spirit!

Now here we go two days back to Smackdown that started like a whirlwind: The Wyatt Family wins after not even two minutes versus The Usos. Entrance and winning ceremony combined took around three times as long. Or as Keyzer Soze would say: “And like that… he’s gone.” Well, like in case of this match: “… it’s gone – just like that.” And before you even noticed it has started.

The same I really hoped for the next segment because John Cena went out to cut a promo. That wasn’t really needed because all he was about to say was that he wants a re-match versus Randy Orton for the two main WWE titles. Nothing new then but Randy Orton wasn’t about to come out to address Cena for it. Instead it was The Shield who made their entrance and beat up Cena afterwards. Then Mark Henry entered to help Cena but was also beaten up by The Shield in the end. And – surprise, surprise – Big E Langston entered so the three faces finally got the upper hand so The Shield felt the need to flee the scene. But just before they disappeared again GM Kane announced the main event of Smackdown: a three singles match between The Shield and their recent opponents. I had high expectations about these matches themselves. Because of reading some spoilers before I already knew the outcome but I wanted to witness some interesting matches.

Then Randy Orton indeed cut a promo but not in front of the audience but from backstage. Asked about his wishes for 2014 he answered that he hasn’t got much left to wish for except maybe retiring with the two titles and marching straight into the Hall of Fame of the WWE. Dolph Ziggler instantly entered because he didn’t agree. He told Orton that he was spineless and an undeserved champion. And just when there was slightly fear that emotions could cook up Kane appeared to announce the two of them should battle their differences out in the ring. Naturally Orton wasn’t amused but Ziggler couldn’t hide his joy.

Next match was a single match and another opportunity for Antonio Cesaro vs Cody Rhodes to show on his own what he is capable of. To be honest I didn’t watch with both eyes and full mind but at least I’ve noticed that Cesaro won in the end. Next match though I haven’t watched at all. I mean Prime Time Players vs Curtis Axel & Ryback? Actually I was on the side of Axel and Ryback and that says it all. I think the PTP did win.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler was up next and in the end it was a pretty decent and enjoyable match. Not for Ziggler though because after Orton hit him with the RKO quite out of nothing after heavy beating by Ziggler he was heavily punished for his words before. But maybe Orton just punished him for his new pink strand of hair. I mean Ziggler’s hair normally looks like overcooked spaghetti. Now it looks like he was beaten up and bleeds from the head just for his blood looking strange because he might eaten some strange stuff. I don’t blame Orton. I would have also beaten him up for that!

Another good Shield promo went by before we had to witness a Daniel Bryan win over Damien Sandow that was interrupted again by the Wyatt’s (how surprising again!) but finally it was time for the big showdown as I hoped for.

The first main event match was between Dean Ambrose and Big E Langston. Once upon a time Ambrose defended his U.S. Championship versus Big E – today it just took 2:45min for Big E to hit his Big Ending on Ambrose for getting the win. The most notable thing about this… erm… match was that Ambrose threw Big E over the top rope out of the ring. Interference by the other two Shield members wasn’t allowed so Ambrose got slightly frustrated and hit Roman Reigns on the arm when he was about to throw Big E back into the ring. During this preparation for the Shield break-up it was always Ambrose who got heated on Roman Reigns and as the latter one represents everything the WWE wants (looks and stature) he’ll definitely turn face in the near future while Ambrose and Rollins stay together as a tag team. I just think that Reigns as a face will be really boring so maybe that’s because why The Shield still exists in this three men team. Back to Ambrose it’s crystal clear why he crossed ways with Big E that much in the last weeks: maybe there will be another title unification match in the near future and these are the early stages on the road towards it. Anyway, this match today didn’t last long enough.

The second match was between Roman Reigns and Mark Henry and with 4:08min it also wasn’t too long. But at least Reigns again was pushed with it because he dominated Henry all over, got a spear on him at the end and won it. But the main act of The Shield today was Seth Rollins with his 17:05mins against John Cena. With him as his opponent naturally he got much attention plus he was dominant during almost the whole match. In the end Cena has won, of course, just after Dean Ambrose prevented Cena from a tap out. He then got thrown into the announcement table by Big E. Big E was hit by Roman Reigns for that just for Mark Henry to throw Reigns into the announcement table, too. Reigns heavily hit Ambrose accidentally and shortly after that the main event together with Smackdown was over.

Dean Ambrose


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