Dean Ambrose collage

The tensions grow. Now even on Smackdown when it was pretty certain in the last couple of weeks that the supposed rift between the three Shield members that always grew on RAW would be glued back together on Smackdown. But not this time. At first they felt the need for a declaration again that there was no rift between them and there also is no weak link in The Shield: unitate et concordia. So far so good. Then The Usos were sent out for a match against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with Dean Ambrose on commentary.

And that fact I can’t let stand there on its own because – really – I can’t concentrate on the actual fight when Dean Ambrose is constantly talking over. Yes, I am a voice fetishist and for every gay man out there I am telling you: I will only be gay for you, too, if you own a similar voice using it in quite a similar fashion like the godfather of smack talk. I don’t give you quotes this time because… well… with just reading it you don’t even get the slightest idea what I’m talking about. Watch it for yourself and enjoy. And I definitely can’t wait for a feud between Punk and Ambrose on their own.

Actually there is a feud between Punk and Ambrose going on already. And its intensity is growing from one WWE event to another. It really kicked off last RAW and today at Smackdown it became crystal clear that Ambrose’s focus turned fully onto Punk. That wasn’t too crystal clear during his commentary because he tried to play down the tensions. Instead the talk went to a possible title unification match between him and Big E Langston. And Ambrose made it clear that he doesn’t like carrying two belts around too much. Confidence is huge with him in that department, of course. Interesting enough that he himself needs to talk about the actual match again. If he wouldn’t JBL and Michael Cole would probably talk with him about him all the time. But one of the best quotes of the evening was probably this when Ambrose talked about Roman Reigns:

“He’s not all power. He’s not all beauty and hair.”

Back to the fight (I still have to watch it for a fourth time with my focus then on the men inside of the ring when I turn the tune off) it ended with disqualification when Dean Ambrose interfered from the outside. So, for the record: Ambrose caused disqualification for the first time in 2014 (maybe to kick start for even topping his 2013 record of eleven disqualifications for himself or The Shield respectively). Punk wasted no time to help The Usos, his new friends, just for Vickie Guerrero to announce the main event at the end of Smackdown with The Shield vs The Usos & Punk so they could celebrate their hate for each other inside the ring.

Then there was a little break with a basically meaningless match between Fandango and R-Truth (with the unbearable Xavier Woods on commentary) which R-Truth did ‘win’ after the Funkadactyles confused Fandango with their entrance for a second. Then we’re had a match between Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Wyatt Family for the Tag Team Championship. Most notably here was that Bray Wyatt as well as Daniel Bryan were missing. At the very end of Smackdown Bray Wyatt cut a short but most enjoyably weird promo for a nice cliffhanger to coming RAW on Monday. But before that the Rhodes brothers successfully defended their title. And JBL wanted to know if Daniel Bryan should now be called Daniel Wyatt. Brilliant! Another meaningless match between Oksana and Nickie Bella which Nickie Bella won went by before we had to witness how Big E Langston basically destroyed Curtis Axel in no time.

And after Wade Barrett blasted out his lovely good wishes for the New Year which ended like this:

“I guarantee, that this time next year you’ll all be just as fat, just as unhealthy, and just as unproductive as you are now. Happy New Year, everybody!”

The main event between The Shield and The Usos & CM Punk started. Basically The Shield were present for almost FORTY PERCENT of Smackdown so they pretty much carried the show on their still growing shoulders. Like it is already vintage style Punk and Ambrose started off the match and you could sense from the beginning that it’s now very personally to Ambrose with Punk because he told him that he thinks that he is the weakest link of The Shield and now Ambrose wants to prove Punk wrong. But he doesn’t want to prove wrong to the audience or his opponents in general but to Punk himself. At the very end emotions between him and Punk basically went over the roof when Ambrose didn’t tap to Roman Reigns. Instead Ambrose went for Punk again to punish him and screaming at him that he’s not better than himself. Only for Punk seconds later to hit the GTS on him to win the match. Naturally Ambrose now was furious and went out of the arena through the main entry, leaving Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins alone near ringside.

It’s now very obvious that the break-up of The Shield is just blinks away and I can’t really wait for it. I know that Roman Reigns will get his push first while Dean Ambrose probably has to wait for a really important match. But what I also know is that he’ll make the very best out of the tiniest opportunity the WWE will throw at him. Like he says in his own words:

“I feel like I haven’t really done anything yet. Not that I’m holding back — right now I’m just working as hard as I can in the role that I’m in. I still feel like I have a LOT of stuff in my back pocket that when the opportunity strikes… there’s a lot more to me than people have seen yet.”
(fairfax times)

I’ve used my own crappy screenshots today as illustration. In other posts I’ve taken them from Tumblr that is always useful for stuff like that. A huge thank you at this point for everyone over there for putting the work and time in to create these GIFs and pictures. As for today there were no official pictures by the WWE I was satisfied with so it’s low quality pictures but with the intensity on its highpoint I was referring to in this post.


2 thoughts on “Smackdown 14/01/03: It’s getting more and more personal between CM Punk and Dean Ambrose

  1. Ohne jeden Zweifel wird der Bruch beim Royal Rumble oder bei Raw vorm Royal Rumble kommen. Allzu viel Augenmerk wird man darauf wohl dann aber nicht legen, immerhin müssen ja noch Batistas und Lesnars Rückkehr in Szene gesetzt werden. Und mit DB kündigt sich ja auch noch etwas neues an (Weil es mir gerade einfällt und ich das vorher schonmal anbringen wollte: In irgendeinem Artikel zu den Ereignissen um Bryan und der Wyatt Family, sprach jemand von der Möglichkeit, Bryan könne eventuell unter dem Stockholm-Syndrom leiden, was seine plötzliche Hinwendung zu den Wyatts erklären würde. Fand ich auch irgendwie logisch lol). Ach ja, und dann ist da ja noch Cena und Oron… Komisch, die hatte ich irgendwie vergessen oder hat man die in letzter Zeit gar nicht gesehen? Sagt viel über die Fehde aus, aber da sie beim Rumble einen Titelkampf haben, muss das ja auch noch in den kommenden Sendungen irgendwie wieder ins Gedächtnis gerufen werden. Schlechte Aussichten für eine ordentliche Shield-Storyline.

    Und jetzt merke ich es doch mal an, auch wenn du das anders siehst als ich: Seit gut zwei oder drei Sendungen finde ich, Ambrose übertreibt es mit seiner Psychonummer. Mittlerweile ist es mir zu aufgesetzt und wirkt deshalb nicht mehr so echt. Oder vielleicht ist es mir einfach auch nur zu Klischee-Psycho. Die besten Film-Psychos haben nie Klischees wiedergegeben: Hannibal Lector, John Doe (“Sieben”), Max Cady etc. Kein Wunder, daß Punk sich da entspannt zurücklehnen kann. Sollte Ambrose irgendwann auch noch beginnen, sich die Haare auszureißen, schalt ich Wrestling ab und “Pyscho” ein lol


    1. Stockholm-Syndrom? Wundervoll! Ja, daran hatte ich auch zuerst gedacht 😉 Und daß man Cena vs Orton nicht wirklich vermißt, zeigt ja auch, daß dieses Duell einfach tot ist: zu oft schon passiert, als wirklich noch neues oder gar spannendes zu bringen (das einzig Spannende an der Sache ist, daß Orton noch immer Champion ist – aber da wollte es die WWE mit ihrer Liebe zu Cena vielleicht dann doch nicht übertreiben). Und ich kann ja Orton durchaus noch was abgewinnen, wobei ich ihn zusammen mit Cena auch nicht unbedingt gerne anschaue. Wie es dir dabei erst geht, kann ich mir eigentlich kaum noch vorstellen 😉

      Und zu Ambrose: ja, ich mag seinen Psycho und finde, er nimmt sich da noch ganz schön zurück, bleibt also durchaus noch im Bereich von PG. Aber ich kenne ja nun auch seine Zeit als Jon Moxley, wo ich einfach viel härtere Sachen gewöhnt bin und vielleicht schon etwas abgestumpft 😉 Nur leider sehe ich da auch ein paar dunkle Wolken am Horizont, weil ja die WWE schon die Tendenz hat, Psychos zur Lachnummer zu machen. Es gibt ja Psychos, die einem wirklich Angst machen, aber da die WWE ja auch ein Kinderprogramm ist, glaube ich, daß sie einen Psycho lieber so zeigt, daß Kinder über ihn lachen und sich nicht vor ihm fürchten müssen. Die Zeit des Undertaker ist ja nun leider vorbei. Andererseits schreibst du auch, daß die wirklichen Psychos in Filmen eben gerade nicht Psycho rüberkommen (und tatsächlich ist mein Lieblings-Psycho auch Kevin Spacey in ‘Seven’ – einfach großartig, vor allem weil er in den paar Minuten, die er im Film wirklich zu sehen ist, den ganzen Film im Grunde trägt – das muß man erstmal schaffen – was allerdings mit Brad Pitt in der Hauptrolle auch nicht wirklich schwer ist 😉 Was ist das dann mit DA? Er kommt Psycho rüber, spielt aber einen Normalo? Ich glaube, ich muß das noch mal überdenken haha


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