Dean Ambrose collage

I have to be honest: when Wade Barrett in his role as the evil Pink Floyd teacher a.k.a. #BadNewsBarrett a.k.a. #BnB blasted out that at least only seven or eight people in the audience would recognize some of the old Hall of Famers I thought to myself: thank you, Wade, now I don’t feel that bad any more for hardly recognize anyone of them. Basically I’m not old enough and got too many other interests during my life on Earth to know them. And only recently I came back to watching wrestling. So please forgive me for not freaking out on the return of some oldies. Freaking out, by the way, isn’t really my style anyway.

But the whole event was really fun, also if you don’t really know most of the people. I was easily sitting back enjoying this special RAW show. Well, most of the time. Already the first Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, left me with mixed feelings. Because, damn it, but didn’t anyone notice that he talked like he was drunk? He also looked this way and I could just pray that this segment wouldn’t take too long. It was quite poor to watch this old man. And some others later on, too. For example when Big E Langston was walking through the corridor watching some Hall of Famers on his way standing there and doing their once famous catch phrase was a bit like walking through a chamber of horrors. There I might have been freaking out a little bit.

Besides the Old School segments there were also some meaningless matches and the Wyatt Family / Daniel Bryan storyline went on. Especially their match versus The Usos & Rey Mysterio ended with an unsuccessful start to their coalition. Miscommunication between DB and Luke Harper lead to Harper lost on The Usos with DB complaining afterwards only for Bray Wyatt to announce their next match to be himself teaming up with DB to be sure that it will be done right. That could be an interesting match whatever opponent they will face. Because the audience still cheers for DB and probably expect him turning on Bray Wyatt when he’ll have the chance to.

So, WWE creatives for once do everything right. But apart from this: was there anything interesting on Old School Raw? Was there anything else mind blowing? Hold on… I’m still thinking…

Seriously: whom I gotta kidding? Best parts of the whole show again were with The Shield: first the promo with “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper and then as the main event the match between Punk and Roman Reigns plus the surprising finish with Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Dean Ambrose & Damien, the snake. Again I have seen lots of fan comments about Dean Ambrose marking out (or even ‘fangirling’) on being inside the same ring as Roddy Piper and being snaked by Jake Roberts. But for me that’s all about wrestling, isn’t it? Current wrestlers probably are only in the business because they were and still are huge fans themselves. And who would blame Ambrose for being off character smiling like a 12-year-old kid when cutting a promo with one of his idols? I really love these little moments like I enjoy bloopers from TV series or movies. It’s fun to watch the wrestling characters and it’s also fun to recognize that the people behind these characters have fun. This is what’s important in life. So, yes, I had a hell lot of fun during that promo right towards this little gimmick when Ambrose ‘forgot’ his U.S. Championship belt inside the ring just for CM Punk to pick it up and decorate the shoulder of Roddy Piper with it. And I’m also quite sure that Ambrose only wore the Shield hoodie / belt to match the leather jacket / sporran of Roddy Piper.

Unfortunately the main event itself started off a bit slowly with CM Punk in his continuous search for the best of The Shield went for Roman Reigns. I’m not quite sure what will happen when Punk has found this man. Will he offer the very man a place on his side so the two of them could have a fight against the remaining two Shield members? Or do he only want them to break up? Rumours are that The Shield will remain a part of the WWE roster after Roman Reigns turned face (at least for some time until Ambrose and Rollins are allowed to do on their own) so a complete break-up might not be intended. I won’t complain for Roman Reigns getting his chance to do it on his own as the first member of The Shield. It’s just a fact that I don’t really enjoy his matches as much as I do the one’s of Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns doesn’t have the experience and the expressions to stand out. I’m afraid that he will be just another ‘big’ wrestler with not much charisma and end up mid cart within one or two years. Not that I’ll be really afraid because Roman Reigns for me doesn’t have something special. And this was all over to be seen at Old School Raw. It was only when Punk moved up tempo and Ambrose, Rollins and The New Age Outlaws interfered with their little brawl outside the ring it was becoming interesting and entertaining. Plus: Roman Reigns could only spear and win against Punk because Ambrose distracted Punk at the end. I hope that this will be the cause for further arguments between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Only problem is that Reigns isn’t the best on the microphone.

But this is the future. The very end of Old School Raw was the entrance of Jake Roberts carrying a yellow bag with the newest incarnation of Damien, the snake (no puns with Doctor Who intended). This little distraction was enough for Punk and The New Age Outlaws to beat up all three Shield members again only for Punk to hit a GTS on Ambrose (for probably the 537th time). So at first Ambrose got this great promo with Roddy Piper and then he was in the centre of another heart warming moment. Roman Reigns might get his push but Ambrose gets the huge moments. He won’t complain. I’m not quite sure if Damien enjoyed it as much as Dean Ambrose given the little snake pieces on his shirt after their encounter with each other but he didn’t look hurt so I’m fine with it.

Dean Ambrose and Damien

There was a little moment when Dean Ambrose reminded me on Eli Wallach as Tuco in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Every time someone died in this movie Tuco did a crazy cross sign. That moment yesterday wasn’t as much crazy but it looked quite similar:

Dean Ambrose


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