Dean Ambrose collage

Unlike Seth Rollins I am Nostradamus and I am able to see into the future where I can clearly sense The Shield break up on a future RAW just for them being back together at the following Smackdown. It’s now slightly ridiculous but in some way I enjoy it because I now know that at every future RAW it’s getting more ugly between the three members of The Shield, especially between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. I can’t really wait for RAW on January, 20th from Dayton, Ohio, that is basically Dean Ambrose soil (> Interview in the Dayton City Paper). When a wrestler comes into his home town area you can always sense a difference. And I could bet that Ambrose will be just a little crazier than he normally is. Should be fun!

In a ridiculous way funny are probably the ongoings in a couple of minds of some WWE creatives. I mean Roman Reigns beats CM Punk on RAW just with the help by Dean Ambrose just for him to declare himself the New Best in the World. Plus – unlike that wouldn’t probably happen this way on RAW – Dean Ambrose stays pretty calm on that announcement when in the past he always went nuts when CM Punk stated directly at him that he is the weakest link of The Shield and definitely not their best. I just don’t get this WWE logic. Maybe I need to be schizophrenic to just watch RAW with the eyes of one personality and Smackdown with the eyes of another personality. The WWE logic definitely is there from one RAW to another RAW and from one Smackdown to another Smackdown but not really from one RAW to Smackdown. Basically you don’t need to watch Smackdown for getting the storyline. It’s more logically when you just watch RAW.

And now on Smackdown Ambrose just had issues with Damien, the snake, that he would have nightmares about his encounter with the lovely yellow fellow and he asked if someone just could imagine what kind of thoughts it would put into your head. I bet Randy Orton could help here with the answer but he was on another crusade with The Authority again screaming at Vickie Guerrero:

“Don’t say what’s best for business. I hate that. I’m sick of hearing.”

And I really couldn’t agree more! I not just hate this catchphrase because it’s used far too often but also because it couldn’t be further from the truth. So, even if it was heel Orton it was good that at least someone said something against that stupid line!

Orton’s match against Big E Langston later on was quite good although Orton just won because he cheated once again. Only an attack to Big E’s eyes that the ref didn’t notice allowed Orton to hit the RKO on his opponent. But hey! that’s the good thing about villains: they can do whatever they like to get a win whilst the good guys always need to act after the laws. The latter is boring while using your fantasy is creative and interesting. That’s why I like villains! Except for The Miz, of course (or other heels, who aren’t even interesting when they are evil).

Back to the main event on Smackdown for The Shield vs. CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws. The whole segment at the end of the show lasted for 21 minutes but 43 seconds from it stole my attention. Within these 43 seconds almost at the very end of the match CM Punk and Dean Ambrose once again fought against each other in breathless speed. Within this short amount of time they hit twelve wrestling elements on each other plus one tap out. So basically every 3,3 second. And for once there was a bit more variation in the fighting style of Dean Ambrose. He still has to take more than he is allowed to hand out. And during the short promo Seth Rollins had the leading part today but that’s alright when the whole match is as entertaining as this was. At the very end Roman Reigns speared Billy Gunn for The Shield to win and Ambrose once again forgot his championship belt when the three men went back through the crowd.

fun in perfection
fun in perfection

That leads to the speculation around this U.S. championship reign Ambrose now holds for 237 days. The Shield break up is obviously still in the making and expected for the Royal Rumble on January, 26th. Some speculate that the Rumble could end up with all three members being the last three participants fighting it out against each other. And during that they’ll break up. Not a very logical scenario to me but logic and WWE don’t belong together. So: maybe. But this scenario could mean that until then Dean Ambrose will hold his title without the possibility to defend (and lose) it. Next PPV is Elimination Chamber on February, 23rd and maybe that is the day when Ambrose could lose his title, maybe against Roman Reigns, who will have turned face until then. But a title change or defence doesn’t need a PPV. Could also happen at the RAW after the Royal Rumble for example. As for me I just want to see another Dean Ambrose single match. Whoever his opponent will be I don’t really care.

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