Did I ever mention that I hate headlines? On the other side of the coin I love them – hugely depends on if they instantly pop into my mind or if I have to think about them for hours. Mostly I get the best headlines written when I’m angry / confused / irritated or extremely happy. Yesterday I was both. Sounds slightly psychotic to you? Then just keep reading!

Dean Ambrose

As for this RAW edition I didn’t expect too much. I mean I already knew that there would be a re-match between The Shield and CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws and I kept thinking that these WWE creatives weren’t that creative once again. Yaaawn, how boring, and there would be some tensions between the three Shield members – once again. Then Daniel Bryan would be punished by Bray Wyatt again and nothing of real importance would actually happen. Why I nevertheless watched it? Because every time you live in such a mood with no expectations the opposite will happen. And because of The Shield, of course.

But first of all RAW kicked off with The Usos vs Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan, part 1. The match ended with a disqualification to the Wyatt / Bryan coalition when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan interfered. But The Usos were lucky enough for being able to escape while Bray Wyatt felt the need to punish Daniel Bryan with the Sister Abigail. After Super Cena had defeated Damien Sandow there was a little discussion between Kane and Brad Maddox on the Main Event. To have a clean match without interference it was announced that The Usos vs Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan would happen again but this time in a locked up steel cage. And I could almost sense that this was the chance Daniel Bryan was waiting for. And indeed: later on after The Usos had escaped the cage Bray Wyatt wanted to punish Daniel Bryan again only for him to turn his back on him and beat him up. The most annoying part of that main event was that the YES! chants were back again. And now we probably won’t ever get rid of them since Daniel Bryan got what he wanted: getting his hands on Bray Wyatt. The most interesting part on this feud will be if now Bray Wyatt wants to get his hands on Daniel Bryan again. This could go on for a while as well.

But now for something completely interesting: The Shield vs CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws. The second coming of this match was different to the first one in many aspects. First of all there was no tension between all three Shield members and this was the first time that this happened at RAW for quite a while. A few days ago it was leaked that at least until 21 March The Shield will be together. So maybe the WWE noticed that Roman Reigns is still far away from being able to do on his own in the ring. Learning from and practicing with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for another two months for him then. But tensions were there anyway mostly between Punk and Ambrose again. It’s always hard to believe that the two of them like and respect each other in real life because when they are fighting each other in the ring you can almost smell blood. The PG generation of the WWE only prevents that sort of thing so far. Maybe also that is the cause why The Shield is still together. To give you just a tiny glimpse of Dean Ambrose at FCW you can watch these two matches of him vs. William Regal:

Of course Roman Reigns had to play the star out of the group again. So it was him who hit Punk heavily on his head – it most probably looked worse than it actually was but Punk already broke his skull on this very spot so, thinking about his future isn’t something that gives Punk much trouble). And because the New Age Outlaws all of a sudden turned their back on Punk and left his ringside Punk was on his own against The Shield for the remaining match. Roman Reigns beat him with a lame spear again and at the very end all three Shield members performed their Triple Power Bomb on him. And while Punk was left beaten up in the ring The Shield left the arena very much happy together. Only Dean Ambrose’s U.S. Championship belt felt deeply lonely and left behind somewhere at ringside – again. Poor thing! It starts to become a dramatic love story.

Besides the match Ambrose was goofing around more than usually. And Rollins was his more than willing partner. At one point he was screaming at Ambrose every two or three seconds that he shouldn’t forget to attack Punk’s eye. Then he was advised not to do something stupid. Just to do something stupid:

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

(Credit for these Gifs goes to: @fyeahambrose) | It’s all a big comedy show for him. Just imagine the fun we could have with Dean Ambrose as face. Just imagine – and die of laughter!

On the contrary there was Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston. Not the match itself – that was good and fun as hell when Orton underestimated Kofi all the time – posing around like the king of kings. No, it was after the match when Kofi surprisingly defeated Orton just for him to beat up Super Cena’s father, who was standing in the front row at ringside. It’s not the fact that Orton attacked Cena’s father that was annoying but the fact that he already had to do this two years ago. Seriously, WWE, don’t you have other ideas that you permanently have to copy yourself? And you desperately try to reduce the boos towards Super Cena with involving his family again? Oh, please, try again!

Last probably slightly important note goes to the match that followed the Super Cena’s father beating up: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel. Apparently Ryback tweeted after RAW that he was fired by the WWE. I haven’t done too much research on that subject but if that really was Ryback’s last match for the WWE: hell, yeah, I’d shed tears of laughter and relief!


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