Dean Ambrose / Punk collage

I have to confess that I had huge troubles watching the latest edition of Smackdown. I mean: The Miz on commentary? Have I done something wrong? Does WWE want to punish me for something that I’ve done wrong in my previous life? Just, please, don’t do this to me. Ever. Again! But like it was with the flying Brock Lesnar turkey I also had to stand this even TWICE today! Thanks for nothing, WWE!

To add to the frustration Smackdown kicked off with a strange match: The (newly turned heel) New Age Outlaws against Cody Rhodes & Goldust. It could have been a good old-fashioned, old-school, vintage style match but Vickie Guerrero interrupted the just-about-to-start action to announce that all men currently in the ring would be fighting on their own at the Royal Rumble. Not that we hadn’t known that already but I think that it had more to do with the age of the NAO. They couldn’t compete for 10+ minutes so they needed some help. Et voilà: just seconds after the interruption the NAO won at against the Rhodes brothers.

Just a tiny suggestion towards the WWE: instead of getting back some old horses like Batista and The New Age Outlaws you should concentrate on getting some fresh faces from NXT to RAW and Smackdown. Best for Business is looking towards the future not looking back to the past. Plus: with the coming up WWE Network the WWE Universe has the opportunity to watch all these old horses when they were young and able to stand a match of more than 10+ minutes. Thanks for reading!

Oh, hey, and where exactly is Wade “Bad News” Barrett?

So, rant over? Well, let me see… NOPE! Because after a mini-promo by Punk (in which he confirmed that he would call out The Shield) we had to witness another glorification of Big Show. I mean what else does this man have apart from height and weight? This match against Jack Swagger from The Real Americans made me even like these guys with the Nazi gimmick. But that depends a lot on Antonio Cesaro, who was goofing around at ringside and made me laugh all the time. Seriously, WWE, separate this guy from the Real Americans, turn him face and give him a comedy show. I’ll probably die laughing. But to die laughing can’t be that bad! Later on The Real Americans had another match, this time a tag team match vs. The Usos and the way Cesaro used Zeb Colter and his wheelchair (he needed it because Big Show hit him again minutes before) to apart himself from one Uso was hilariously funny. I just still don’t get why it’s face strategy to lay hand on a helpless old guy in a wheelchair, even if he’s acting as a Nazi. And certainly the Usos had to win the match also if they had bandages all over their bodies to make their win even greater.

The next match between Alberto Del Rio against Rey Mysterio taught me one huge thing: I once liked Del Rio just because he was in a feud with Super Cena. Tonight he was extremely slow, just one bicycle hit was superb. At the end Rey Mysterio won but Del Rio beat him up afterwards anyway.

But the next segment was great: promo gold by Bray Wyatt. Inside the ring he told a little story about his childhood, gave more inside of himself. As creepy as the three of them might look (and Bray Wyatt even is the least creepy looking guy from the Wyatt Family) but Bray Wyatt has a surprisingly sympathetic voice and interesting breathing technique. He also is always in his role, never fails a line and the pauses are well placed. I’m not a big fan of The Wyatt Family but together with Dean Ambrose and CM Punk Bray Wyatt definitely belongs to the best talkers in WWE at the moment.

After that Punk confirmed another ‘rumour’ that he would not only call out The Shield but also The New Age Outlaws because he wants to gift himself to The Authority for them to do with him what they want while he will once do what he wants. He still believes that the attack on him by The Shield was initiated by Triple H and because he is a coward he needs the help by some army. That’s basically Punk’s conspiracy theory up to this point.

Then we had another meaningless Divas match between Naomi and Tamina Snuka and after that Paul Heyman was talking for his client Brock Lesnar (who again wasn’t present himself – not that I’d mind). Bad things went worse when Big Show came out just for the WWE Universe to had ANOTHER look on that flying Brock Lesnar turkey. Somehow at any point that was over just for another almost meaningless match between Big E Langston and Fandango happened.

And then there was the Shield promo which had it all: tensions this time between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with Roman Reigns acting slightly as the peacemaker at the end, over-acting irony by Ambrose when being asked if he would eliminate Rollins when the two of them were the last remaining competitors of the upcoming Royal Rumble and fueled anger by Ambrose when Rollins stated that he couldn’t even do that. Ambrose instantly corrected himself by saying that he was only kidding and suggested that Rollins should start working on his landing. Sure for Roman Reigns to say that he would throw the both of them over the top rope but they’ll still be united after that (well, until they will break up at Wrestlemania).

End of Smackdown finally was the confrontation of Punk with The Shield and The New Age Outlaws. But before the five guys could attack Punk Kane appeared just to give Punk ‘his word’ that Punk will be respected and that he is just included for the Royal Rumble to get his main event opportunity at Wrestlemania. Punk certainly had to insult Kane for ‘his word’ wouldn’t be worth anything any more since he was some kind of a lapdog of The Authority. Now Kane sent out the five guys at ringside but they couldn’t make it inside of the ring. Instead Kane entered the ring to punish Punk himself. So, was it actually Kane, who sent out The Shield against Punk initially? And Triple H didn’t have to do anything with it? No, certainly not, just a little plot twist to keep the audience at stake. But nevertheless a good cliffhanger for coming RAW.

PS: After Smackdown went off air Punk had a Dark Match against The Shield and I’m sure he beat them with GTS no.574 on Dean Ambrose to send the WWE Universe back home happily.


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