And I don’t like hype around so-called Superstars because I want to discover on my own. It’s probably in my DNA but when I recognize someone being and doing good but doesn’t get the recognition he should and someone else is coming back after four years of absence, getting promos weeks before, finally stuttering stupid phrases into the mic and the WWE Universe explodes in awe – then I even more like before mentioned guy and praise him no matter what. After all with Dayton, Ohio yesterday we were on Ambrose Alley, not Batista Back Street. So it was a bit of a relief to have him back in the first segment: Triple H and Stephanie praised him and called him out just for Randy Orton’s music to play so he interrupted all the praise and hype. Seriously, WWE, you do everything for me to like Randy Orton even more: first him vs. Super Cena and now vs. Batista. And if that wouldn’t be enough you let Triple H and Steph virtually turn their back on Randy just to kiss Batista’s ass all over. Really, this is too good and too funny to be true. And I really love Randy Orton. Not my fault, obviously. All up to you, WWE.

So, why I don’t like Batista? That’s pretty easy: he just looks similar to Brock Lesnar and how boring Brock Lesnar is we all could see in his segment with Big Show and Paul Heyman. At least I could do something else during that time. And I don’t even want to know how many steroids had to die for Batista’s or Lesnar’s body. Both can’t talk. They look dumb and simple without any charisma but WWE likes these guys for whatever reason. Maybe because they are dumb, simple and can’t talk so they’ll do everything they are told to do.

Dean Ambrose

RAW then really kicked off with a tag team match between The Shield and Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E. Langston. First question that came into my mind was if this feud between Punk and The Shield was ended abrupt like so many Monty Python sketches: without a punchline. On last Smackdown The Shield was yet called out by Punk. And now they are walking into two different directions without a so-called Big Bang, a showdown to draw a clear finish under this feud. Frustrated me a bit but the match itself was great. The Shield reveals no tension at all again but that may just be the silence before the storm. I know that the Punk vs Shield feud needed to cut off because Dean Ambrose vs Big E for the U.S. and Intercontinental Championship unification match is about to kick start very soon (I don’t really need that but WWE wants it so the Punk vs Shield feud to be ended was immanent). That the two of them had to fight against each other worked on two fronts: 1) bringing DA and Big E together once again; 2) let The Shield work together as perfect as possible to make the future break-up even more dramatic. And The Shield did work perfectly together. Great match, great moves and at the end this time not Roman Reigns got the laurels but DA and then Seth Rollins with the finish over Big E.

Because Daniel Bryan suffered from concussion in his steel cage match vs. The Usos he only cut a promo with Bray Wyatt answered on the Titanthron. Certainly it was a promo for the Royal Rumble both men are looking forward to but DB definitely needs to work on his facial expressions. I know it’s hard to show emotions through all this facial hair but come on, Daniel, watch and learn from Bray Wyatt how to do this!

Next match (should I call it really match?) was Fandango vs. Xavier Woods with R-Truth on commentary. It lasted for not even a minute but the positive aspect of it was that commentary was cut short. Anyway: what a waste for this talented man Fandango!

The main event resp. most significant match might be at the end of RAW resp. Smackdown but the most important segment belonged to Punk again. First of all Stephanie McMahon advised Kane to apologize to Punk for his actions on Smackdown. So he went out into the ring, followed by Punk and Kane did indeed apologize to Punk. But Punk wasn’t Punk if he’d hugged Kane now with tears of kindness into his eyes. Obviously not. He made Kane to repeat his apology and then beat up Kane as some kind of satisfaction knowing that Corporate Kane in a suit wouldn’t touch him again. But Punk got his match anyway with his new enemies, The New Age Outlaws, entered the scene. Billy Gunn was the chosen one to fight it out against Punk in the ring while Road Dogg joined JBL & Co. on commentary. Thankfully Punk literally made it a 2-on-1 handicap match so we didn’t need to listen to Road Dogg that much. The match ended with Punk winning it with the GTS on Billy Gunn but that wasn’t the last laugh. That obviously had The Authority in persona of Kane, who stepped out again to announce that Punk would be #1 on the 30-men Royal Rumble match. Which means that Punk’s win there would be even more impressive (what I strongly believe will happen – we’ll see on coming Sunday).

Afterwards Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio went by with Del Rio winning it just for Batista to come out again (Del Rio basically promoted Batista’s return for weeks besides his own promo video) and beat up Del Rio (whoever had the idea for Batista to come back as face needs a slap into his / her face – and maybe a second one – just because!). Then we had this really boring Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar / Paul Heyman segment, another meaningless Divas tag team match between AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs. The Funkadaktyls. Did everyone notice that AJ Lee after her loss did scream like hell but no-one really cared? The little hommage for Martin Luther King was good but it left a bitter taste into my mouth. Because reality is that racism still is a big problem and dark coloured people are still treated as second class people. Not only in the U.S. You can see it everywhere: a dark coloured person is looked differently at than a fair coloured person which is ridiculous and stupid when you think about it for more than one second. And just because some religious books state that dark coloured people are made by the devil and other dumb ‘arguments’? And you still ask yourself why everyone on Earth watches UFOs from time to time but no aliens? Maybe they only wait for us to start treating ourselves with respect. After that maybe they are ready to introduce themselves to us.

But I digress. The match between The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan with Bray Wyatt (in a hilariously great looking red Hawaiian shirt) in his usual chair on ringside I haven’t watched with all my attention. Just when Daniel Bryan came out to beat up Bray Wyatt I took a blink.

The so-called main event happened afterwards and just for a few minutes. For the whole RAW episode we had to overview the entrance of the arena in Dayton just to wait for the coming of Jes… pardon… Super Cena. Randy Orton had his re-match against Kofi Kingston at full blast when our hero finally arrived to take revenge for his poor father. So at first Super Cena caused disqualification to the match and then pursued Orton through the audience and the arena outside where Orton jumped into a car (that very much looked like the one of Dean Ambrose) and off he was. Just for Super Cena to re-enter the arena, writing autographs and promote his ugly looking new neon merchandise.

But at least the WWE also did something good over the weekend: making some pretty good photographs with one standing out obviously. Really, it’s not just because I like him – the photograph itself has everything and with a bit of photo editing by me it’s even greater!

Dean Ambrose


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