A few hours have passed since CM Punk reportedly ‘walked out on WWE’. What’s left is another cryptic last tweet by him, a slightly pissed off interview from just a few days ago, RAW needed to be re-written just hours before the show because he informed Vince McMahon that he would ‘go home’. And the more I think about it I believe that this is just another storyline to hand Punk at least once a few months off to give his wrecked body a break. He basically was on the road for another Wrestlemania without him being in the Main Event which is his only remaining target in WWE and that pissed him even more off. Because part timers getting basically thrown the Main Event at them while guys like him, who work their socks off don’t get the credit they deserve. The argument that he is paid some good fortunes by WWE is rubbish. Some might only work for the money but Punk always wanted to achieve something, he wanted the big stage and he deserved it – at least once.

So, I think there are two possible storylines:

1) Punk is really done with the WWE but comes back only once just as him, as Phil Brooks. Maybe at the RAW after Wrestlemania and then just cutting a pipebomb on all the crap that is going on in WWE. And this time without him being cut off from the microphone.

2) After a well deserved rest Punk comes back right in time in July to talk about his contract. He signs for another year, then gets the Main Event at Wrestlemania and in Mai-July 2015 he leaves WWE with a feud versus Dean Ambrose.

The second possibility is just my wish thinking. And it won’t happen like that. But maybe Punk still gets his Main Event at Wrestlemania in 2015.

Walking out like this forcing the WWE creatives to re-write a whole show, change whole storylines, taking him off most Live Events in the near future is just a bit too much to not being a huge storyline for something even bigger in the future. I have already expected a break for Punk. At first for after TLC when he had that 3-on-1 handicap match against The Shield. But it didn’t happen. And in Live Events after TLC he had several other 3-on-1 handicap matches against The Shield. Not being physical on top isn’t great for such a schedule so a break was immanent. But this break needed to be Punk-like, spectacular and this definitely is. I just hope now that we aren’t getting even more YES! and ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants as some sort of protest against the WWE. I very much like every protest against the current crap the WWE does but Daniel Bryan is far from being your saviour, WWE universe!


Also yesterday I had another thought on the U.S. Championship belt that Dean Ambrose currently carries around for 256 days. And I came to the conclusion that the WWE is in some sort of a dilemma over it. Also here there are two possibilities in which direction his reign could head towards:

1) The Shield currently still is in the making for their break-up. But I’ve read yesterday that ‘The Shield’ is booked for a WWE tour in Australia in August. That basically means that they won’t break up before August. Roman Reigns now is built up as the strong and powerful one of The Shield. And when he’ll finally be too big for Ambrose and Rollins he’ll be split from The Shield. That also means that Ambrose and Rollins may not get more popular. As for Ambrose holding his title now for around three months without having defended it makes him the weak link of The Shield and there are many people who moan about Ambrose being a non-deserved champion. So, as long as Ambrose holds that title without having to defend it the moaning about him will go on. And this stupid argument overshadows more or less everything about him.

2) Letting Dean Ambrose defend his title would be bad for Roman Reigns on two fronts: Ambrose would get a singles match and the attention the WWE desperately wants for Roman Reigns. Sure, Reigns could interfere for DQ and Ambrose keeping his title. But that would only mean another singles match for Ambrose. So in case he gets that match he needs to loose the belt. But that would mean that the argument with Ambrose only holding the title because he didn’t defend it would disappear. Certainly after the loss against whomever Ambrose would have another singles match as a re-match. Even more attention for him. I think the WWE is well aware that Ambrose is a great wrestler as well as an entertainer. But still it’s Roman Reigns the WWE favours just because of his looks. So, the WWE need to take any attention off Ambrose as possible. Means he won’t get a singles match to defend his title in the near future because this moaning against Ambrose BECAUSE of that title is the best the WWE can get for their push on Roman Reigns. But that also means that the reign of Ambrose as U.S. Champion can yet stretch on and on for a hell lot of time.


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