Dean Ambrose

What a tiny and hardly heard mention can do to my mind and my fantasy is quite ridiculous. But I have learned over the last couple of months that everything that is mentioned in front of any WWE camera may have a meaning or a hint towards the future. Normally when Xavier Woods talks I don’t listen. Mostly because he talks with such a soft voice that I don’t hear anything anyway. But asked about his targets in WWE he babbled about hoping for a title belt, maybe the U.S. Champ belt by Dean Ambrose. And I didn’t know if I should die laughing or throw my laptop out the window in pure disgust. I mean, since three months Dean Ambrose is forced to carry this belt around, trying to make it look interesting without given the chance to defend it once again. And now the WWE creatives probably want him to defend the title against the least interesting or charismatic wrestler in WWE?

Sure, you can try to make Xavier Woods being more relevant with handing him a title match. But it won’t work. Because at least you need to have a bit of something that you can make bigger. But Xavier Woods hasn’t got anything. Except for his age maybe. In the end that was basically the cause for Chris Hero not been given the chance in WWE: he was too old. But bringing back the New Age Outlaws and Batista… alright, WWE, I got your logic (not really).

If I would take the WWE seriously – what we should not – I would probably buy this weak link of The Shield nonsense that WWE tried to sold during the Punk vs. Shield feud. It’s obvious that this part of the Shield storyline remained with the three guys because Dean Ambrose always has to take the most in the ring, just for Rollins and Reigns to save the matches. And DA always causes trouble between him and Reigns. As of late The Shield has won most of their matches – mostly by Reigns – to make Dean Ambrose looking even weaker than before. Adding to that his degree of psychoticism slightly increased in recent weeks. Someone should tell the WWE that psychoticism and genius are well related. So, maybe you can sell Dean Ambrose as the weak link of The Shield but that doesn’t make him a weak link in wrestling terms. He is just pure fun to watch. He is a great entertainer. And he is a great wrestler. If you really think about taking the belt from him with a match against Xavier Woods then you don’t know what you are doing. Because Dean Ambrose at the moment is the weak link of The Shield BECAUSE he still carries this title around. It’s meaningless already and fans moan about him carrying this belt around without defending it. Just imagine Dean Ambrose having a great match against Xavier Woods, losing this belt and getting even more psycho. You don’t know what you are wish for, WWE!

At yesterday’s RAW it was for the first time that Roman Reigns was in the centre of the Shield promo picture to announce the Main Event against Super Cena, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. I have read later on that the show was re-written just hours before it actually went on air. Punk initially was included but Vince McMahon didn’t want the audience to hijack the whole show with their YES! and Daniel Bryan chants once again. So he made sure that the audience got their beloved goatface at the end of RAW. And: during his promo against Triple H and Stephanie DB even had to call for the audience to stop chanting for him. How poor is this actually? I mean, these chants suck for sure but for the WWE to cut them off like this sucks even more. And do you really think that we only have a memory of four weeks or so? Because this really bad made remake of Punk vs Vince McMahon only made me miss the old Punk even more. So I was really glad when finally The Shield came out to beat up Daniel Bryan. Congratulations for making me hate Daniel Bryan because I’m sure that this was what you wanted because you know that Daniel Bryan is far from good on the microphone.

Other noticeable moments from RAW that need a few words:

1) Thanks to Wade Barrett again for mocking The Mizzz!

2) I don’t get the idea of Monday Night War. Is that just another stupid idea to sell any war happening right now as fun? So the U.S. army gets even more volunteers for them? Not in my world!

3) Batista talking even makes Randy Orton a great talker!

4) Chants from the audience for JBL and Jerry Lawler during the match Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio? Seriously, WWE universe?!

5) The induction of Jake “The Snake” Roberts into the Hall of Fame is great.

6) I just love Dean Ambrose beating up Super Cena. And it can’t happen too often. The bad thing about that is only that I have to watch Super Cena for it. Too bad! A case for Wade Barrett. And as sure as it was that The Shield had to loose against Super Cena, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus because the three winners of that match would be included in the Elimination Chamber match with Randy Orton for his collection of title belts, the finish of that match was slightly surprising. Because The Wyatt Family all of a sudden appeared and caused disqualification by beating up Super Cena & Co. So the Wyatts cost The Shield the win and like I already read it in the spoilers for the right now taped Smackdown on Friday there will be The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber. Means: Dean Ambrose won’t defend his title at the Elimination Chamber. I hope he beats up Super Cena for this somewhere in the dark!

Dean Ambrose


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