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Smackdown started off with the best possible: Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler. And before I start writing about that: CONGRATULATIONS, WWE! You didn’t annoy us with endless repetitions from previous shows this time but presented us a really bad re-make of the recently started but not finished Punk vs. Kane feud (for obvious reasons).

So, you don’t mention CM Punk anymore as if he wouldn’t be ever a part of this company but just replace him with Daniel Bryan and let him repeat almost word per word exactly the same Punk had to tell Kane before the Royal Rumble? How stupid and dumb you think the WWE universe is, hu? And witnessing Daniel Bryan being far from good on the microphone and remembering Punk’s promos against Kane we miss him even more. And you don’t need to mention him. We don’t have such a short term memory that we couldn’t remember stuff from two or three weeks ago. If you, WWE, think that we are that stupid, then YOU are more stupid than I thought you would be. Replacing Daniel Bryan with Punk seems legit because of the fans reactions towards the both of them but how uncreative are these so-called ‘creatives’? Word is that some shows have to be re-written just hours before RAW or Smackdown goes on air but when I see something like that I can’t believe why there are creatives even needed when anything is just a repeat of itself from some weeks ago? This is utter nonsense, really!

Well, no such nonsense at all was the two third of The Shield match versus Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. It was all set up to show more tension variation between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns obviously. And Seth Rollins was on commentary to deny that there was any tension. To be honest I expected a bit more from Rollins on commentary because I know that he’s a good talker. But he plays the peacemaker between DA and Reigns right now, so he doesn’t goof around like DA and was far from funny. A bit too serious for my liking but decent and no huge distraction from the match. That itself was good to watch: fast forward with some good moves but the best part of it was the finish again: DA wanted to tap in himself but Reigns got it this time just for Kofi Kingston to have a little brawl with DA on the outside of the ring. Then Reigns performed his spear on Dolph Ziggler only for generously tap DA in so he could get the win for The Shield. Certainly DA was completely pissed off because he couldn’t cheat on Reigns again. That was great fun to watch!

Then we had a promo of The Real Americans with Antonio Cesaro speaking German but I think that this was just for German TV. Innit tensions were once again shown between Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. And I wonder if The Real Americans are also on the brink of their break-up. Actually this would be great because I want to see Cesaro on his own. But what is it with the WWE? Only two months ago they threw one tag team match after another at us and now they break-up one real tag team after another? I mean, I enjoy singles matches far more than tag team matches, so I don’t have a problem with that strategy. But if that only happens because of tiny personnel so you don’t need to bring up too many NXT or – BEWARE! – even indie wrestlers I won’t get along with that strategy. The match between Cesaro and DB was a good one and I definitely want to see Cesaro in a singles match against Randy Orton somewhere in the future. Well, we will see the both of them in the Elimination Chamber but together with four other guys. Just Cesaro and Orton would be great! Btw: certainly Daniel Bryan had to win against Cesaro via tap out by Cesaro.

Another fun segment (even if it wasn’t intended to be fun) was the little promo Randy Orton did. Randy finished with:

“I will remain the greatest Superstar of this generation … or any other.”

Randy obviously referred to the outcome of the Elimination Chamber but it wasn’t that I got a big laugh at. Instead I was reminded of Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia when he said to General Allenby just before the all important last push of World War One:

“They won’t come for money … they’ll come for me.”

It weren’t exactly the words that were spoken but the intonation, the little pause and the vision look out of the picture into the far distance of the future that was so similar that I got the impression that Randy Orton must have taken this very scene as a foil. It definitely looked like.

The most notable point about the match Sheamus vs. Ryback was that the ring announcer finally got Sheamus’ name pronounced right. At last!

Goldust vs. Bray Wyatt was also a good but short match with the now usual outcome: Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Goldust and Dean Ambrose interrupted the victory celebration with a Shield promo from the Titanthron. It was all goofing and dancing Ambrose and all three Shield members were certainly on the same page again. I can’t really wait for their Elimination Chamber match against The Wyatts now. Even if they would try it wouldn’t get bad!

The main event and the last match of Smackdown was another great one between Randy Orton and Christian. Orton even took the microphone around the middle of the match to complain about the snow in Des Moines, Iowa. And inside the ring he was good as well. He actually shouldered the whole match while Christian didn’t taken much to it. So at the end of Smackdown Orton very much justified got the win with the RKO.


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    1. Thanks for your comment and obviously reading my article! Very much appreciated. I’ve already had a glance on your site but will throw in further when I have more time to do so. Cheers!


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