Beware: this is a rant. Again. And for once I don’t really know where to start. It’s not so much because of the 6,523rd match between Randy Orton and Super Cena (that surprisingly wasn’t that bad but mostly due to Orton) but for most of any other that happened at RAW last night.

It all started off with the special guest, the 90-year-old Betty White, who was seen in several little segments during the show. That’s OK for me: an old lady having some fun and attention once again. Nothing wrong with that. But the quarter of an hour that followed was the personified rubbish! And I just didn’t skipped that segment because Randy Orton was part of it. Actually I love Randy Orton interrupting Triple H / Stephanie as soon as possible but what he had to say after he made it to the ring wasn’t my cup of tea. Lately he was so much anti Triple H / Stephanie but at the latest RAW he apologized once again and promised to be a well-behaved Viper from there on. But he wanted assurance that he would remain the Face of the WWE doing all promos, interviews, bla, bla, bla. There were several times during that segment when Orton forgot his text but I still want to believe that he only chuckled to himself and needed to keep composure during these ridiculous things he had to say. Certainly also Daniel Bryan had to come out and try to act like Punk. He even tried to reproduce some Punk expressions and failed horrendously. To be honest: I haven’t listen too much since DB went out so I can’t say anything else about it. I was just glad when it was over.

And because I had to calm down a bit after that first segment I didn’t really care about the first match that was up next: Rey Mysterio & The Brotherhood vs The Wyatt Family. At least when The Wyatts took the win via Bray Wyatt, who cut another promo to hype their match versus The Shield at the Elimination Chamber I already awaited the answering Shield promo. And that was after that. It was a backstage interview after a needless reminder that Roman Reigns eliminated eleven men (and one tiny bull) from the Royal Rumble and she then said to DA that there was some talk about him not defending his U.S. title for quite a while. That resulted into a bit RR / DA tension with DA made up an open challenge match for the title with whoever might have the guts to fight him. As we already knew that Mark Henry would come back after his “dislocated and broken elbow” it wasn’t surprising that he would come out for that very match.

Initially I thought: what the hell! First you, WWE, suggest Xavier Woods to go for the U.S. Championship and now it’s Mark Henry of all people? I mean, DA grew some great arms recently but Mark Henry almost doubles him up in stature. That he wouldn’t get a clean win was pretty certain because that would have made DA too powerful for the all so glorious Roman Reigns (who has exactly one facial expression and three moves – and his Spear finisher is basically stolen from Batista). So, Seth Rollins had to cause disqualification (side note: RR wasn’t there to help DA this time) for DA to keep his belt. It was also Seth Rollins, who took the microphone during the match when some CM Punk chants grew louder at one stage to state:

“CM Who, hu? That’s Dean Ambrose, right there. That’s the United States Champion. That’s the man you all wish you could be. And that’s the man all your ladies wanna be with tonight.”

And while the audience went nuts against The Shield DA took his time to blow a kiss right at them. Brilliant. Although that “CM Who” wasn’t Rollins’ idea because there was a sign with it shown up during the whole show. But it could have been also placed by WWE officials.

So, this match once again was set up to push RR and make DA look weak. But, really, if you have eyes and still can see, if you have ears and still able to listen then you should have noticed that DA is far better and more entertaining than most of the current roster and definitely more than RR. I really like to remind you on Reigns’ match versus CM Punk. It was boring, really, and was only becoming interesting when DA and Rollins started to interfere slightly having their own little brawl with The New Age Outlaws. For me (and for many other – doesn’t matter what the WWE says) the weak link of The Shield is Roman Reigns. His only luck is that he shares some DNA with Dwaaayyyne so he is pushed because of his family not of his abilities. As for me I can’t wait for The Shield to break up so I don’t need to see RR again together with DA and Rollins. And I really hope that DA and Rollins stay together quite a little longer and don’t get another third member to complete The Shield again. But I’m afraid that WWE is too frightened about the abilities of a tag team duo DA / Rollins.

As for the match itself: Dean Ambrose was in a weak position but he made the most of it. Hell, this man has the facial expressions of twenty guys and his selling is hilarious. Plus: he always shows off his knowledge about wrestling history in general with this fabulous reminiscence to the late Eddie Guerrero:

Dean Ambrose

So, it doesn’t matter how hard the WWE tries to make DA look weak he isn’t and everyone who isn’t blind can see that. Unfortunately most WWE fans are brainwashed and only believe what they are shown and hear from the WWE. Sporadic shown Ambrose signs into the audience at least give me hope that there are still people with a working brain.

And because I’ve already mentioned Punk: he might not be on the current WWE roster but his treatment by the WWE is already ridiculous. Fair enough to pull his face off any promotion pictures for future live shows and other events but what crap is this:

CM Punk SummerSlam2013 collage

As you can see on the right picture: this was the original photograph for SummerSlam 2013 – 2 0 1 3 – and on the left picture there is the manipulated promo photo for the WWE Network (please excuse the blurry non-quality – it’s only a screenshot made by myself). So, instead of Punk sitting on the left of Kane there is now Daniel Bryan with Punk left out completely. What is this nonsense? Punk hasn’t killed anyone for God’s sake! He just went. And that definitely AFTER SummerSlam 2 0 1 3. So, will we get any matches of Punk on this Network crap? Or have you manipulated his matches with the head of an elk instead of Punk’s? Seriously, WWE, you currently make a joke of yourself!

And speaking of jokes: there was also another photo making its rounds through social media last week picturing Punk and a Bud Light Beer together. And the social media conclusions are: Punk and a Bud Light together in one picture have to mean he has drunken alcohol. Social media logic at its best. The same goes for two people pictured together randomly in one photograph: whoa, these two dating each other for sure! Sometimes I really hope that the human brain was used for something useful and not into someone’s head, who isn’t using it.

Apart from that the most notable segment of RAW was the announcement of the 3rd inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame: Lita. Definitely well deserved because she is the type of Diva I want to see in the Divas Division, not this current insignificance. When you think that AJ Lee made the Divas Division relevant again than watch some Lita matches and be silent forever.

On the so-called main event I wasn’t really looking forward to because, well, I said it before: it was Orton vs Super Cena again. But I watched it anyway because of Orton. And he didn’t disappoint me. He even went completely crazy after hitting a DDT on Cena from the top rope. That was almost Ambrose-crazyness. And that induced the wish to once see a singles match between Orton and Ambrose. At least on coming Smackdown there is already Orton vs Antonio Cesaro, which should be a great match. I have very high expectations! Orton’s selling in this match was exceptional while Cena… was boring as always – no emotions whatsoever. But the finish was slightly ridiculous because when Randy hit his RKO on Cena certainly our hero stayed in the match anyway. Fortunately also Randy could overcome one AA by Cena but the next one made him losing the match. I’m really bored of this because these moves aren’t called ‘finisher’ by accident. But they are finishers on any Superstar in the roster but Super Cena. Cut it off, really!

Dean Ambrose

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