Dean Ambrose collage

Watching The Shield vs DB & Christian & Sheamus plus Randy Orton vs (Antonio) Cesaro twice now made me feel I’ve seen enough from Smackdown. Scrolled through the rest and I knew I was right. So, if you have the chance: spare you any disappointment and follow my example.

The first twenty minutes of Smackdown were all about the match of The Shield against three Elimination Chambers competitors. So, there was some oil poured into the fire because The Shield still think that they would have made it into the Chamber if The Wyatts didn’t disqualified them from the very match. But as it’s always the case in WWE: the story wasn’t continued and the match itself wasn’t about that tension. There even wasn’t any tension between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns today. After the match that DA won for The Shield he rolled out off the ring immediately not to take too many laurels and after the three guys were back together behind the barricades he even praised and pushed Reigns. I don’t get it, Creatives! One week DA is jealous of Reigns, steels tags and wins from him and starts tensions and now he’s an obedient soldier, who accepts that Reigns is the leader of The Shield? And then all these close-ups on Reigns’ face while he’s only standing in the ring doing nothing (not even changing his facial expression). And I not at all like his head kick at ringside because done only slightly wrong it could cause severe injuries.

But besides DA again had to take much there were also some positives to this match: also Reigns was beaten a lot and I think I slowly grow on Seth Rollins. But he should stop to act as the glue between DA and Reigns but just stick with DA. Because the two of them would make a great tag team (if only the WWE let that become reality). I was also very pleased with the finish: first DA sent out a Valentine’s present to CM Punk (who probably currently lives in a log cabin somewhere in a Canadian forest) with one of his signature moves, the running high knee, to Sheamus (a bit sloppy and too far from the ropes but still recognizable). It was quite ridiculous that the commentators at that point were a bit short of words, don’t knowing what to say and how to call that move because they also well knew that this was a reminiscence to Punk. There was already a brawl going on in the ring with DA and Christian the legal men, DA was brought in position by Christian for Sheamus to hit his Brogue Kick on him but DA went out so Christian was hit. Then RR hit Sheamus with a spear, so he couldn’t interfere anymore. And DA got the win with a count-out on Christian.

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

The second match that was worth watching, Randy Orton vs (Antonio) Cesaro, was the main event of Smackdown and around fifteen minutes at the end of the show. Most notable thing just before the match was that Antonio Cesaro isn’t “Antonio” anymore. He is now cut short to just Cesaro. If he comes out with a wreath of laurels next time I’ll then get the idea. And there are still huge tendencies to separate Jack Swagger and Cesaro from each other with now most certainly Zeb Colter to remain on Cesaro’s side. I only hope that he doesn’t keep that racist Real Americans gimmick.

On the match itself I somehow knew that Randy Orton had to loose again (he only won against Christian but lost against DB, Super Cena) and I bet he will also loose against his last Elimination Chamber opponent Sheamus on coming RAW but that didn’t really matter for the match itself (although that loss made Randy Orton look even weaker). In his promo before the match Orton stated that:

“The Viper is what Cesaro is gonna get.”

And that was it basically. It was Valentine’s Day, so there was a lot of slithering (not just out off the ring but also their bodies over each other). There was some hot felt tension if you can sense what I mean! And it always amuses me when commentators describe former Indie guys as dark horses or that they would have hardly singles match experience. As if the wrestling world would only persist of WWE. Adding to that the commentators even called the 33-year old Cesaro, who started wrestling in 2000 and is in WWE since late 2011, a ‘young’ man. So, ‘young’ in WWE vocabulary obviously means ‘not that long in WWE so far, so he can barely wrestle’. Same nonsense was said when DA won his U.S. Championship title against Kofi Kingston back in May 2013.

So, given the (fake) fact that Cesaro only started to wrestle it was a great match. I only fear for Randy Orton’s ankle ligaments at times. And he held his left shoulder at the end of the match – hopefully nothing bad for real. He also had to stand a 17 rounds Cesaro Swing! And after the match that Cesaro won with his Neutralizer all of a sudden Cesaro wasn’t the Dark Horse any more. Sigh…


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