Dean Ambrose

My theory for the Shield break-up is the following: Roman Reigns is fed up with Dean Ambrose always ruining his hair with his wet kisses, turns face and beat him up to make him promise not to do it again. Or: Dean Ambrose’s kisses are just kisses of Judas as a hint for Roman Reigns that he will betray him in the near future. Problem is he already betrayed him with certain tag ins to take the laurels of a match. Needs to be a more relevant betrayal, something that hurts very much. Umm… cutting his hair off while Reigns is cuffed on a ring rope, i.e. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio style? I bet the fangirls would completely freak out and hate DA forever, i.e. PERFECT scenario for a Shield break-up!

But before the break-up there was another opportunity for all three Shield guys (yes, there is still the third one even if all current talk is about Reigns and Ambrose) to proof to the Wyatt family that they are still on the same page (or again – for the 3,636th time now). Opponents in their 6-man tag team match were Los Matadores & Sin Cara – Men in Black vs Mexicans in Masks. As always in the last couple of weeks DA had to take much, then Seth Rollins had to take much and then Reigns came in to basically beat up all three opponents like it was nothing but a shrug. At least DA could do his DUS (= double underhook superplex) and Seth Rollins reminded the WWE universe about his finisher, the Blackout (even DA’s finisher is better). Very positive about this match was its fast speed, especially at the end of the match. There was also a bit of El Torito action (I have to admit that I started to like this little bull) and then the variation in the Shield win.

Next match was Oksana vs. Cameron and… sorry, I didn’t pay much attention. I think Cameron did win. After that there was an unnecessary preview on the new Total Divas season. Or perhaps it was necessary: to actually give me proof that this series is indeed unnecessary and pretty much a horrendous freak show.

But the next segment was great again: Wade Barrett had some bad news for the audience in Colorado Springs regarding the U.S. Olympic team. But there was also something else:

“The good news is that for the first time in my entire career I am not the only person in the arena, who is incredibly high.”

He was obviously referring to the Cannabis legalization in Colorado. Don’t say again that wrestling has lost connection to reality (but that depends on the amount of Cannabis use, of course!).

Before that we had to stand an interview by Michael Cole with Triple H talking about his prediction for the Elimination Chamber main event: Daniel Bryan is the underdog, bla, bla… the audience always loves the underdog, bla, bla… whoever wins the EC will be the Face of the WWE. Michael Cole: “Even if that will be Daniel Bryan?” Triple H (with both hands pointing upwards): “Yes.”

I highly doubt that this will happen obviously. Triple H just gives the WWE universe hope that DB will be the champ and the Face of the WWE and finally get what he deserves in their eyes. Just for Triple H to disappoint them again. Randy Orton will be the winner because him vs. Batista at Wrestlemania is already in the making. At least in the Chamber match there are only Orton and Bryan for the possible winner. All others would be a joke.

On the last match I again didn’t pay much attention. I really like Kofi Kingston. But I don’t like how he’s treated with stupid match set-ups struggling in mid-card when he deserves so much better. This time he had to fight Curtis Axel with Ryback at ringside. Obviously Ryback interfered to cause disqualification just for Mark Henry to come out and beat up Ryback. But right at the end Kofi did something cool with knocking out both, Curtis Axel and Ryback, with a great jump over the top rope.

Dean Ambrose collage


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