Dean Ambrose collage

Seriously, people, have you really thought that Daniel Bryan would win the Chamber plus Randy Orton’s collection of belts? And when you have the feeling that Bryan is ‘screwed’ and treated unfairly or even buried then think again. Because the same goes for Orton. Yes, he still owns his championship belts but obviously highly unfairly with distractions and interferences from all directions. Would Super Cena need such help to win some titles? No, obviously not. Even as a heel he would get a clean win. But the reality is that Super Cena doesn’t need any belts for being the real Face of the WWE. And Randy Orton is made one of the weakest champions ever lately. He is a great wrestler, who can steal the show and did that in the near past for a few times but in the Chamber he was made a sad coward. How is this not embarrassing for Orton, too?

I also still don’t and probably won’t ever like these Yes! chants plus the so-called ‘Yes-Movement’. I’m not at all against fun and good mood. It’s no accident that I like Dean Ambrose, esp. for his 256 faces he can put on. And I’m usually with the underdog, who isn’t treated fairly and doesn’t get what he deserves. But there is something about Daniel Bryan I can’t stand and this is the combination of Yes! chants and Yes-Movement. It’s not support for Daniel Bryan. It’s used to annoy The Authority. But the point is: The Authority doesn’t care. Instead they laugh in the background because they just love that there is a reaction. But for me it’s definitely annoying, esp. during matches where Daniel Bryan is nowhere seen. Sometimes I can understand it. I mean: chant Yes! Yes! Yes! the hell out of you during a Batista promo. I wouldn’t have any problem with that. Or during a match with two wrestlers, who obviously are just there for their muscles but not their abilities in the ring.

But to make it clear (once and for all): I also don’t like Daniel Bryan in the ring. For how many times I had to read that this guy is one of the best wrestlers in the ring? But every time I have seen him there was no connection whatsoever. I didn’t feel it, I wasn’t excited by his ring action and I was only annoyed by his selling. Might be because of the Yes! chants but I really came to the conclusion that I don’t like his style. In comparison I love Randy Orton’s style and because he’s getting so much backlash recently I’m even more on his side than ever. Treated like shit maybe is a good reason for me to like someone. You get a huge pop and are liked by the majority? Forget it!

With Dean Ambrose it’s a bit different. I recognized him somewhere only around last summer when I started to watch wrestling again and grew into him, then watched a lot of his Indie matches and right when Roman Reigns was started to get his push and the calls that DA couldn’t wrestle or oversells, his U.S. Championship wouldn’t mean anything, bla, bla, bla I got REALLY into him. Because… well, all the above: I knew he can indeed wrestle, he sells perfectly and what he does with his belt is pure comedy at times.

When I read some opinion today about the Chamber match of The Shield vs. The Wyatts I literally almost died of laughter. Someone ‘thought’ or ‘was glad’ that DA has stepped up his ring abilities and that he finally showed some good moves. Well, wrestling is supposed to be fun, right? And THIS ‘opinion’ was really fun. More ridiculous because now I really think that WWE fans indeed have the short term memory of a bagel. Yes, in some recent matches DA had to take much just for Roman Reigns to save matches and Seth Rollins was hardly recognized. And now people are freaking out because DA and Seth Rollins had a great match with hilarious moves and a breathtaking intensity like barely a match in the near past? As if they hadn’t done that before!

I’m just glad the two of them were finally allowed to show what they are really capable of. Literally DA, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan brought an Indie match right into a WWE PPV. Or like Michael Cole would call it: bizarre, eccentric and unorthodox. And all these three adjectives basically mean: ‘independent’ wrestling. I even liked Roman Reigns yesterday and that says much! My problem now is that I can’t compare this match with the others that happened yesterday. Well, I could, if I’d watch them. So, I have only seen this match so far, parts from the Divas’ match (because it was right behind) and Orton’s win on Daniel Bryan. But I won’t be too wrong when I say that this Shield vs. Wyatts match was by far the best the Elimination Chamber PPV had to offer.

Around five minutes from the end DA got Bray Wyatt over the barricades into the crowd for a little brawl through the fans. But while Bray Wyatt came back around two minutes later Dean Ambrose remained missing. There are lots of real-life suggestions where DA could have went to. But I’ll stay with his ring character and hope that he won’t join the Wyatts as some fans suggested, too. I just want to see DA on his own when The Shield finally break up. And I also don’t want to see a storyline repetition à la ‘Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatts so he can destroy them from the inside’. But there is another suggestion that DA could have been missing for the last part because he wanted to for Roman Reigns to suffer against all three Wyatts. That’s my preferred option because that could cause even more tension between Reigns and DA.

Maybe I’ll watch RAW live in a few hours. Could depend on what comes first. Maybe I’ll give RAW the first hour. If it doesn’t contain something enjoyable I’ll be off at 3am (CET).

Dean Ambrose

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