Dean Ambrose collage

The 152-year old Hulk Hogan opened RAW with the promotion of the WWE Network. Yeah! And to announce that he will host Wrestlemania 30. Woah!

And with speedy pace we head for the first match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista…


We had a match, I guess, but I didn’t take much notice accept for the audience in Green Bay, Wisconsin, that I already loved at that point because they were booing Batista as hell. Just to remind you: Batista is still sold as babyface (no puns please!). First good part of RAW was when Randy Orton’s music interrupted the match, Randy appeared and distracted Batista so Alberto Del Rio could win. The mocking Randy did then on Batista was too good to hide these Gifs (actually I really liked his expressions here; thanks also to randyorton):

Randy Orton Randy Orton Randy Orton

Sure Batista in his answer had to say that Orton was a whiny and undeserved champion, that he would get his championship belts at WM30 and that the audience should “deal with it”… Yaaawn. The WWE obviously still tries very hard to make Batista a reasonable character, maybe likable person or at least respected human being. Won’t work with me. And I’m not sorry. Not at all. The faster Batista leaves again the better it will be. Because, trust me: I don’t like it to be annoyed by at least half of the current WWE roster.

Next match wasn’t annoying at all: Cesaro vs. Big E. Zeb Colter was at ringside together with Jack Swagger, who lost his Intercontinental Championship match at the Elimination Chamber yesterday and was a bit angry of Big E (and perhaps jealous of Cesaro). Highpoint of the match without a doubt was the Cesaro Swing on Big E (even if it’s not just strength but also simply physics that made it possible) just before Swagger caused disqualification for Big E to win. Cesaro obviously was now angry on Swagger and the pair then had some words with each other. I expect a Cesaro face turn in the very near future.

The next segment was something about Super Cena. I can’t really remember. Had to do something with the interference of the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber that cost our hero the Orton Belt Collection. Promotion of the WWE Network. And he called out the Wyatts to explain themselves. The Wyatts came but didn’t really explain (did anyone expected this?) but beat up our hero in an unfair 3-on-1 assault. Super Cena was ‘injured’ on his left knee in the process. Chants for CM Punk summed up this segment…

Up next was Christian vs. Sheamus because the two of them had an ‘argument’ earlier backstage on their Elimination Chamber match for the Orton Belt Collection. The match was a bit too long for my liking but the audience seemed to have fun. Another promotion for the WWE Network followed with a sample from the RAW Preview Show: but a screaming Daniel Bryan also didn’t make me into buying it for ONLY ten Dollars per month. Actually I haven’t seen ANY cause so far to do so. But several causes for NOT buying ANYTHING. DB basically whined about that Kane cost him Orton’s Belt Collection… boohoo… he’s not at WM30… boohoo… etc. People complain about heel Orton to whine too much but face (!) Bryan is even worse. Ridiculous! In the end DB vs. Kane was made up so DB could let out his frustrations on him personally.

Next was the very much anticipated Shield promo and Dean Ambrose’s reason for being absent in the latter stages of their Elimination Chamber match versus The Wyatts was as I expected: it wasn’t because Bray Wyatt beat him up but Ambrose had something reasonable not to appear again. We didn’t exactly learn what it was because Ambrose didn’t want to explain himself again (very cheap by the creatives, by the way!). But the scenario itself was very interesting: Dean Ambrose on one side and Roman Reigns with Seth Rollins on the other like many times before. Only Seth and Dean were talking but not with each other. Dean was only looking at Roman while Seth acted as Roman’s voice. So, maybe after the break-up Dean Ambrose will be on his own while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stay together, mostly because Reigns isn’t a good enough talker. As much as I would like Dean Ambrose on his own (and he will do great!) I wouldn’t really like Seth Rollins only being the voice of Reigns (it’s justified with Paul Heyman being the voice of Brock Lesnar but Seth Rollins in this role would be wasted). We will see how this will continue (thanks to deanarmbrose for making these Gifs):

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

And after DA was gone the Wyatts appeared for organizing a 1-on-1 match without interferences (sure!) between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. Before that really happened Daniel Bryan beat up and won against Kane, then called Triple H a coward for hiding behind Stephanie’s skirt and challenged him for a match at WM30 (how surprising!). In some way I’m glad that CM Punk is out of this stupid storyline.

The following Divas match between Emma (with Santino) and Summer Rae (with Fandango) was surprisingly good but mostly because of Emma, who indeed is very entertaining. Slightly off maybe but I have a weakness for slightly off characters! Emma did win in the end, wanted to celebrate with Santino but hit him in the face instead. Yes, that was funny! Also very funny was the next match between The Usos and The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg was just about to finish his usually self promo when one of the Usos interrupted him to get the win within seconds. Thanks for that!

On the next match unfortunately I can’t say much. It was Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt and it was boring as hell. Mostly it was standing and staring at each other, some punches were hit, no real mat action, some Reigns howls but nothing else. It was only getting interesting when the Wyatts interrupted the match, then Seth Rollins came out of nowhere through the ring to hit Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. But the two of them assaulted Rollins afterwards and were about to powerbomb him when finally Dean Ambrose appeared, too. He came through the main entrance with his old leather jacket put on over his Shield hoodie to save Rollins first and caused then disqualification with an attack on Bray Wyatt inside the ring. DA will certainly sell it like this while Reigns will be angry because he cost him the win over Wyatt. Triple Threat at WM30 between all three Shield guys would be good but I’m afraid WWE wants only Ambrose vs. Reigns (with Rollins on ringside), Reigns then gets the clean win and will be the next big star (with Rollins as his voice).

The other muscle / voice-combo was up next: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. And because Lesnar still wants to be at WM30 his match was finally made up, but otherwise than Lesnar and Heyman ‘expected’: The Undertaker came out. Staring in the ring. Match Taker vs. Lesnar for WM30 fixed.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what every little Ambrose fangirl was freaking out about last night:

Dean Ambrose

PS. Coming RAW airs from Chicago and the WWE already sweats about fan hijacking because of the absence of CM Punk. I highly doubt that he will appear like I highly doubt that he will ever appear again. But maybe Vince McMahon tries to convince him for a comeback (or at least a not rioting crowd) with the appearance of Breaking Bad-actor Aaron Paul as the host of this very RAW issue. Good luck!


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