This slightly strange promo of The Shield is from the preshow of the newly launched NXT Arrival from last Thursday. If you have the chance: go, watch the show. I still haven’t because I had some other stuff to do (mainly writing) but I probably view it tomorrow. I’ve only read so far that Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro was a cracker and Paige vs. Emma was good, too. So, actually the WWE doesn’t need to bring back some old horses, who can barely stand a match of five minutes. There are some big talents not only on NXT but also on the Indies. Which means: if you are not satisfied with the WWE you definitely have some alternatives.

As for the Shield in this video: it was all about promoting the new WWE show but the main talking point was the mask of Erick Rowan. I thought it was common knowledge that it’s a lamb mask but not for DA and Reigns as it seems. First DA talked about it as a camel mask while Reigns thought it would be the one of a llama (I’ve done a little post about this struggle, so you can judge for yourself). And while DA and Reigns still argued Seth Rollins knew the truth and tried to lead his ‘brothers from other mothers’ back to the main road: the promotion for NXT Arrival. It barely worked.

On Smackdown I barely have to say something because there wasn’t much new. Actually they showed the whole match between Cesaro and Big E with the interference of Jack Swagger again – I have to admit that it was a good match but in times of YouTube and the WWE Network it shouldn’t be a huge burden to watch that match directly from RAW again. And you can’t tell me that you don’t have enough material for the two hours to fill when you can launch a couple of new shows.

But that’s not my problem. At least I can jump over the repetitions, adverts and really bad stuff of Smackdown like I could have done with the very first segment: a Batista promo. But it was just too funny to watch this guy desperately trying to hide his bloated head under some sunglasses and a hat to make him look respectable. It’s not really worth to repeat what he had to say. At least Dolph Ziggler of all people came out to challenge Batista for a fight. And since Ziggler is a face does that mean Batista has finally ‘turned’ heel? Wouldn’t make a difference to the time before anyway but it would mean that the WWE finally given up on selling Batista as face. On the match later on I haven’t taken much notice. Certainly Batista had to win.

The first fun segment was a backstage promo with Vickie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio. Once again Del Rio tried to charm Vickie with telling her that her hair would look lovely. And all of a sudden Sheamus appeared, stating that a match of him versus Del Rio would be like a day off for him. Plus then he told Del Rio in a remarkable Spanish accent that his hair looks lovely. It’s not always great that Sheamus is sold as the always smiling Irishman but here it was hilarious. Their match was just after that promo and the first thing I’ve noticed was that Sheamus’ upper body was taped like it was some reminiscence to the cover of the most recent U2 album No Line On The Horizon. I sincerely hope that it wasn’t on purpose. But the match hadn’t barely started when Christian interrupted, came out just to join Michael Cole and JBL on commentary for once. But when Sheamus was about to win Christian interfered and caused disqualification. A little brawl took place afterwards and that was it. Don’t know who counted as the winner here.

Then we had another Shield promo after we were reminded about DA’s antics during their Elimination Chamber match plus their promo on RAW when DA walked out just to came back in his leather jacked to help Seth Rollins. But then he caused DQ to the still ongoing match between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns, which Reigns consequently lost. And that was the point for Reigns to argue with DA again. The Shield had only two lost matches in seven months and now two lost matches in seven days with at least one match of the latter DA alone would have been at fault (I’m still not entirely sure which one Reigns meant because I think in his eyes DA must be at fault for both losses). Anyway, DA was pissed off again and Seth Rollins tried hard again to bring the three of them back together. When Rollins will finally have enough for being the peacekeeper that will be the end of The Shield.

After another short memory refresher of Our Hero Super Cena driven off to ‘hospital’ because of his knee The Wyatt Family came out into the ring for a great promo by Bray Wyatt. He talked about society and how every human being only does what he or she does to please the people around him or her. It was basically society criticism at its best. Funny enough that it was spoken by a heel and mostly described as a strange character and the crowd wasn’t pleased with what he had to say. Yes, the truth always hurts. But when Bray Wyatt was just about to advice the people to ‘follow the buzzards’ the Shield music hit and another stand off happened. Most notable here was that DA didn’t had his U.S. Championship belt with him. It wasn’t placed around his waist. It didn’t hang from his pants. He didn’t even throw it over the barricades. The poor thing was completely left alone somewhere at backstage. Maybe it was tactical because later on he flew through the ropes like Rollins to knock down Rowan and Harper so the belt around his waist would have hindered him a bit. Plus: The Shield weren’t formally introduced – they just came – and they didn’t have a match. So the belt wasn’t really needed. Another tactic could have been not to make DA look different to the other two Shield guys, esp. not Roman Reigns, who once again played the Shield leader with just standing and with exactly one facial expression while DA and Seth Rollins acted like real hounds around him.

I want this Shield split. NOW!!

This time Triple H called off anything The Shield and / or The Wyatts had in mind to announce another match for them at RAW in Chicago on coming Monday (just to take away some Chicago crowd heat because of Punk’s absence).

Cameron and AJ Lee once again had a match against each other – the Divas title re-match from Elimination Chamber. Tamina was at ringside but because she interfered at one point the referee had enough and sent her off. AJ Lee anyway could win through tap out from Cameron caused by the Black Widow.

Another recap later (Taker’s return) the so-called main event of Smackdown was about to happen: The Usos & Daniel Bryan vs. NAO & Kane. And surprise: DB won it for his tag team on Billy Gunn. Sorry that I don’t write anything else about this match but I just wasn’t interested.

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