Dean Ambrose

Have you already asked yourself this question: Do I feel lucky? Sorry, wrong movie… This question: Why the hell does it take ages to break up The Shield? While any other faction gets a clean cut within just one or two shows (with the slight exception of The Real Americans but this supposed break-up is much different)? The answer actually is quite simple: Because it’s awesome! And you could see it again at the latest episode of Smackdown: nine minutes of promo gold. You can basically forget Roman Reigns who had just to stand there, mumble exactly one sentence, hold Dean Ambrose back for a couple of times and push him once.

This time it was all about the tension between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. And this is quite interesting for the future break-up because it all started off with tensions between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns (mostly initiated by DA) and now it’s all heated between DA and Seth Rollins. So, the cause of the supposed break-up will be either DA thinks he is better than the other two Shield guys or Rollins and Reigns are finally fed up with Ambrose’s antics thinking that they are better without him. Either way it’s pretty clear now that Dean Ambrose will be on his own while Reigns and Rollins will stay together for a bit longer. At least that’s my impression now and I have imagined now for quite a while that WWE creatives might think that it could be better to keep Rollins and Reigns together because Reigns’ singles matches are still a bit simple, achingly slow and a bit boring. So, the high flyer and far better talker Seth Rollins could help Reigns to look better.

I was surprised a couple of days ago to read from some random fans that it’s quite exciting for many just to stare at this one Roman Reigns facial expression for a couple of minutes. It amazes me because the same fans basically can’t stand Dean Ambrose’s Duracell bunny like behaviour. I simply love his non stop pacing in the ring and that he is finally allowed to show off some more moves than just punching and stomping on his opponents. As for Wrestlemania that is now just around the corner The Shield basically heads towards two matches: one for Rollins together with Reigns and the other one for Ambrose against Big E for this nonsense title unification match. [EDIT: Or maybe DA vs. Seth Rollins for the U.S. Championship title and this is the cause for the break-up.] After this promo at Smackdown it’s not very likely that The Shield will have a triple threat match because so far there wasn’t any real tension between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Every tension within The Shield was caused by Dean Ambrose and he will be the cause for the break-up. But so far there is no need for Seth Rollins to break up with Roman Reigns and vice versa.

And as for the promo itself: it was just brilliant. Every word by Ambrose and Rollins was well placed, the heat was almost visible and the slap by Rollins into Ambrose’s face and the punch Rollins had to eat from Ambrose looked quite real. I could watch this a couple of times (and I did) without being bored. So, Rollins basically had to explain why he walked off and watched Ambrose and Reigns lose against The Wyatts. And he said that he needed doing so, basically sacrificing himself so Reigns and Ambrose could find themselves together on the same page again. And it worked obviously because for once not Reigns and Ambrose argued but this time Rollins and Ambrose. Rollins still fought for The Shield being their old best again to fight their opponents and not each other. But for some reason DA isn’t impressed with this announcement as he seemed still angry about Rollins’ walk off during the war with The Wyatts like he called it. So he pushed him away and Rollins slapped Ambrose in the face to feel better – with all the peacekeeping he had to do in recent weeks because of Ambrose that seemed legit. But he still offered himself for Ambrose to do the same on him just so Ambrose couldn’t say afterwards that he would have been treated unfairly. But when they finally stood back together again Ambrose still acted like the one who was just taken by surprise and would use the very next opportunity to finally break up with The Shield. That could also happen after Wrestlemania when DA will lose his belt and then blames Rollins and Reigns for not helping him during that supposed match. Anyway, I’ll enjoy any scenario because it can’t be bad when Rollins and Ambrose act like they did at Smackdown.

Dean Ambrose
Cheers to kii8bitw for creating these Gifs

As for the rest of Smackdown it started with the reminder that Christian assaulted Sheamus and hurt his left arm on latest RAW and then we got Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler with Alberto Del Rio on commentary. But he barely spoke. He was basically there to distract Ziggler so Christian could get the win. Of course also Sheamus had to come out to make a statement on Christian. Another reminder on Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority later we had to stand a far too long Batista promo – this time he only had his sunglasses on. And of course DB had to come out, too. Batista then talked about DB wasn’t a real man like him and I was slightly afraid that DB would strip off to prove him wrong. Sometimes we can call ourselves lucky for PG! Instead DB started a brawl on Batista, which Kane joined in quite quickly and then The Big Show came out to complete the ‘Main Event’ match at the end of Smackdown: DB & Big Show vs. Batista & Kane. Another reminder showed us that the Tag Team Champions are The Usos now and they started off their reign with a win over Rybaxel. Then Kane knows a brilliant strategy to deal with Daniel Bryan’s temper: so he wants to tear off DB’s beard and stuff it into his throat. Nice! Once again AJ Lee had to tap out against Natalya but once again it wasn’t about her title. And we were reminded that Paul Bearer would be the fourth and last inductee into the Hall of Fame class of 2014.

After the Shield promo the match between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus wasn’t really bad and in the end Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. Next the Wyatts adressed Super Cena again (actually Luke Harper spoke first in his really interesting voice) but Super Cena wasn’t part of Smackdown so this promo was a bit lost in space. Then Batista had to mumble a few words about his tag team match later on before Alexandr Rusev appeared again. And I start wondering if he is supposed to do anything else in the near future than just standing there stating that he is really strong and powerful and will destroy anyone. The RAW exclusive this time once again was the match including Emma / Santino vs. Summer Rae / Fandango. And after another short promo with DB and Big Show backstage we finally got the ‘Main Event’ that somehow happened under the motto ‘Respect the Beard – Fear the Giant’. Or like JBL stated after DB won it: “More like donkey and Shrek.”

PS. When Dean Ambrose will finally broke up from The Shield I’d like to see a little feud with him and William Regal on the big stage that is WWE. Could be great and a huge finish for William Regal’s wrestling career.


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