Dean Ambrose

That’s on coming Saturday so that means that Dean Ambrose retained his title against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. And if you haven’t seen the match: no, it wasn’t because of disqualification due to interference by Rollins and / or Reigns. There was only at least a bit distraction from the two of them but mostly created by Mark Henry himself. So, it was a clean win, some great moves (that included punches to Henry’s left knee from the centre rope – the facial expressions from the ref and Roman Reigns on that were priceless!) and once again unity demonstrated by The Shield.

But like I said before: I don’t trust calm and peaceful water. And certainly not after these huge cracks recently. My prediction is this: Kane is pissed off with The Shield because they don’t want to help him any more (slight spoilers for coming Smackdown). But since the three of them are now back on the same page and visibly stronger than ever Kane could put them into a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania. Only problem is that they very likely would steal the show making the main event Triple Threat match between Randy Orton, Batista and Daniel Bryan look weak. And the latter match WILL happen despite Daniel Bryan first has to beat Triple H to be included. It’s also not very likely that two Triple Threat matches will happen at Wrestlemania. Every match at this event needs to be unique and if there would be a Triple Threat match between the three Shield members everyone would know that Daniel Bryan would lose against Triple H. So: no Triple Threat match for The Shield at Wrestlemania. But: why not before this event? There are still three RAW episodes to fill with matches until Wrestlemania 30 will actually happen on 6 April 2014. Means that The Shield could be punished for their behaviour, i.e. not executing strict orders by The Authority.

But this behaviour also leads to another question: are The Shield now babyfaces? First it was only Roman Reigns, who got growing pops – mostly because of his push. Now that also Rollins and Ambrose can show what they are really capable of plus acting more and more to the enjoyment of the audience it now looks that they are a likable faction. Face turns and heel turns in the past were always clear breaks: a babyface lays hand on another babyface > the first face now was a heel. A heel helps a babyface > the heel turns face. But like we now witness with The Real Americans and The Shield it’s a turn process, not an exact point. Cesaro will be a babyface very soon while Swagger stays heel. And for The Shield Rollins and Reigns will be faces while DA will stay heel. Although he acts like a face sometimes. Today’s match was pretty clear: Mark Henry is the face so DA is heel. Also the Shield Summit: a faction of three faces probably wouldn’t hit each other so The Shield members are still heels. All this could also belong to the plan of Vince McMahon to cancel this clear distinction between face and heel to make it more realistic. Because in reality there is no Good vs. Evil – it’s Good (w/ evil) vs. Evil (w/ good). Vince wants the audience to choose for themselves whom they like and whom they hate? THAT would be new! Hopefully the creatives better come around with some good and new characters. Otherwise this basically good idea could become boring in reality.

As for the rest of Main Event: I haven’t watched anything else. AJ Lee also retained her Divas belt against Natalya. For recent WWE standards it was said being a good match but I simply didn’t feel the need to convince myself.

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