Dean Ambrose collage

So, where to start when most of Smackdown was about The Shield but you (me!) don’t have much time left because you (me again!) have to catch an early train tomorrow for the Leipzig book fair? No real elaboration this time then but just straight forward writing. Here we go:

First of all: Smackdown was BRILLIANT! Haven’t laughed that much during a WWE show for a very long time and the first match between The Real Americans and The Brotherhood was just the beginning. It started getting hilarious when Cesaro and Swagger tagged each other without request for it from their team partner. Certainly miscommunication and a bit heat flared before Cody Rhodes could take advantage to get the win over Swagger. For the following beat-up to Cody and Goldust Cesaro and Swagger were on the same page again. But then The Usos came out to stop this segment with just standing in the ring for a while. Someday very soon Cesaro will have enough from Swagger to beat him up. And I can’t wait for it!

Next was Triple H with a promo inside the ring. It was his usual babbling and mocking towards Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe with their YES! and now also the Occupy-Movement. He then called out Damien Sandow so he could apologize to Triple H not having stopped the Occupy-Movement at last RAW. Sandow did so but also had a match anyway. The Shield-music hit and after the commercial break Sandow and Seth Rollins were already into their match. It took just about three minutes for Rollins to get his win over Sandow and DA plus Roman Reigns entered the ring to stand back together again. But this time DA refused to join in their trademark triple fist unity line-up but left the ring. I bet there were some people wondering what went through his mind this time: walking out on The Shield for no reason? But instead he just got Damien Sandow back inside the ring so The Shield could perform their Triple Powerbomb on him [the following GIF-set is brought to you by raphie04]:

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

And somehow I now have the impression that Dean Ambrose could keep ‘his’ U.S. Championship title for far longer than I had expected back in December 2013 / January 2014. Maybe to break CM Punk’s record of 434 days, i.e. the so far longest title reign in WWE history, so WWE will be able to cancel Punk’s name from the top of that list like they did from various promotion pictures in the recent past? I thought for a couple of months now that DA would lose his title at Wrestlemania but now I’m not so sure anymore. After tonight’s Smackdown The Shield is kind of tweener – I don’t think that they are completely turned babyfaces now but we will see that on coming RAW. A triple threat match between all three Shield members before WM30 is still possible as some sort of punishment by Kane but that doesn’t need to be for the U.S. title. The turn could have been also made because of Daniel Bryan and this ridiculous YES!Movement. Like other wrestlers to be cheered on so we won’t get YES! chants at every single match. How positive entertaining The Shield and especially Dean Ambrose are when still being heel we have seen in recent weeks. How much pop The Shield will get when they are now officially tweener / faces, will be mind blowing! I’m telling you. And all of a sudden CM Punk will be forgotten. Great strategy by the WWE but only if they are doing it right. I’m also not sure anymore if The Shield will indeed break up at or after Wrestlemania. Now I think it’s more likely that WWE have finally noticed that Roman Reigns still isn’t ready to stand on his own, so they give him a bit more time to learn from DA and Seth Rollins. And that could also suit DA and SR for them to make themselves indispensable for the WWE.

Now Smackdown wasn’t finished where I left my report. Before the real tween turn of The Shield there was a match of about ten seconds between Big E and Fandango (Big E won). Wade Barrett then warned Wrestlemaniaholics that they will be fired after the event because winning streak of The Undertaker will finally broken by Brrrock Lesnarrr. A lengthy repetition of the Bray Wyatt vs. Super Cena promo lead to the match Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston that was quite good but once again Kofi was used as the punching bag to his opponent.

Next was another hilarious Shield segment: a backstage promo with Kane. And once again DA was goofing around getting probably all attention from the audience [the following GIF-set including the very fitting comments are brought to you by ericatheshewolf]:

Dean AmbroseDean AmbroseDean Ambrose

Kane basically wanted to have The Shield on ring side when he had his match against the Big Show as the main event of Smackdown but finally Seth Rollins just said that they always do what’s best for business which wasn’t exactly an agreement to do what Kane told them to do. DA walking off with this Namaste gesture stole the show for me. Certainly this little gem instantly came to my mind:

Christian vs. Sheamus as the RAW exclusive was up next. Then Nickie Bella defeated Tamina Snuka with AJ Lee on commentary and Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio. Plus: Carlos Colon will be the 5th inductee to the Hall of Fame class of 2014.

And then there was the main event: Kane vs. Big Show. At the start of the match The Shield wasn’t on ring side and Kane was already pissed off. But after some moments they showed up from the main entrance to boost Kane with confidence. But when Big Show got the upper hand once again Kane ordered The Shield to beat him up. But all three Shield members refused to do so and Kane was finally beaten by Big Show. That wasn’t the end of it because it needed to be made crystal clear to the WWE universe where they should stand with The Shield from now on. When they were about to walk off after the match, Kane got Seth Rollins inside the ring and was about to choke slam him when DA and Reigns came back, Reigns hitting Kane with a spear with DA mocking him afterwards.

And to be absolutely sure about the status of The Shield, they had the Dark Match against the Wyatts. Dark Match means, there is no WWE footage but in the age of smartphones there are a lot of little videos and pictures about it all around the internet. At the end there was a picture of The Shield visibly got the win over the Wyatts mocking them with Seth Rollins got the lamb mask on his face while Reigns took seat in Bray Wyatt’s rocking chair and DA acting like Luke Harper in standing behind looking creepy. I’ll finish this report with this gem between Bray Wyatt and DA [made by kiia8bitw]:

Dean Ambrose

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