Dean Ambrose collage

Of course RAW started with Triple H inside the ring (only in Chicago he was the coward he is with sending Paul Heyman out first) and he was then joined by Batista. What were they talking about? The usual crap basically. Performed in a hilariously amateurish way with stumbling over several words, never creating any heat against them inside me. Really, I couldn’t care less about Triple H and his entourage – or should I say Stephanie McMahon and her pet Triple H? Like that basically was Triple H appearing as: a faithful dog who did everything for his mistress.

And at the end of RAW Daniel Bryan showed up as the lovely bone dog Triple H could play with. Certainly he needed to be handcuffed, otherwise the little man could have bitten him. And no, just because I don’t really like Daniel Bryan (mostly because of his gimmick) there is no intention inside of me to like Triple H. I don’t even hate him. I simply just don’t care. And because of that for once I liked Daniel Bryan for just standing in the ring, showing off no single facial expression when Triple H loaded off his monologue on him. He just acted as if he wouldn’t care, too. But Triple H even said that he would have respect for DB having suffered that much in the recent past without being broken or “taking your ball and going home” (that, of course, was a cheap shot towards CM Punk who, I think, won’t care at all). But that was it when Steph came out to basically scream and yell for the last quarter of an hour. Officers were sent out to ‘arrest’ DB. They had him already handcuffed when Triple H interfered and beat him up for the remainder of RAW (that were around ten minutes or so).

But back to the start of RAW. When finally Randy Orton did join in the Triple H / Batista party, Triple H announced that the match for Randy Orton’s belt collection at Wrestlemania would be a Triple Threat match anyway. Whoever would win Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H would then go straight into the main event at WM30. I really can’t wait for these two matches – and, yes, I DEFINITELY mean that very sarcastically!!

Dean Ambrose

[thanks for this one, baschlives] This basically is my signature move that Dean Ambrose must have stolen. You know, everything in this world looks and seems ridiculous, so this is the only reasonable reaction: pretending to agree but in a very ironic way behind the back of someone really stupid. In this case The Shield once again was ordered inside the ring by Kane for a later tête-à-tête because Kane wanted to execute an example. When it actually happened first Kane was alone inside the ring saying that Daniel Bryan couldn’t do Occupy-RAW on his own and he figured that Jerry “The King” Lawler must have been his accomplice. So, The Shield came and accompanied Lawler inside the ring. Seth Rollins once again promised that The Shield would always do what’s best for business, so they left Lawler alone but turned towards Kane instead. Given their recent actions at the latest Smackdown it wasn’t very surprising that they now actually performed their Triple Powerbomb on him but it was still good anyway. [the following Gifs belong to raphie04 and wrestling-giffer]:

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

Certainly something like this will happen now:

Dean Ambrose as Eli Wallach, Seth Rollins as Lee Van Cleef, and Roman Reigns as Clint Eastwood. This feud would be epic! Maybe we just get the Triple Thread match but afterwards The Shield are still on the same page for a foreseeable time. But it could also lead to Dean Ambrose leaving. We will see what will actually happen. But one thing is for sure: Kane will definitely punish The Shield for their actions – also possible with the U.S. Championship belt on the line between the three of them. Then Ambrose loses his belt and as a result turns his back to Rollins and Reigns. But enough with the speculation. There were still a few other segments during last night’s RAW:

There was a promo for Slam City, an animated WWE series where the wrestlers get fired and as a result need to find an ordinary job. OK.

Yesterday was Paddy’s Day so, of course, Hornswoggle had one of his rare appearances dressed like a Leprechaun but didn’t act as one. He was actually quite friendly and given presents to the children in the front row of the audience. Sheamus dressed in an Irish rugby shirt had a match against Titus O’Neil. Hornswoggle was involved at some stage and that was quite funny. Christian was on commentary and after Sheamus had won and announced that he would be in the 30-men Andre The Giant Battle Royal match at WM30, Christian of course had to attack Sheamus. One segment for eternity!

One thing that was actually good about Super Cena’s promo was the never dimming booing towards him. Against Bray Wyatt he would fight for his legacy and Bray Wyatt called his girlfriend Nikki Bella a ‘plastic girlfriend’. Nothing more to talk about here except for my growing disliking to the fact that Bray Wyatt does get a hell lot of promo time while Dean Ambrose doesn’t plus he always has to stand wide-legged when near Roman Reigns so it won’t be noticed that DA is basically taller than Reigns. Absolute and utter nonsense. It’s like you somehow have to explain someone that two and two indeed makes five.

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan had around one quarter of an hour to beat themselves up in a no disqualification match. A Kendo stick was involved.

Then Paul Heyman promoted Brrrock Lesnarrr and his match against The Undertakerrr together with a short film of Taker’s latest encounters at Wrestlemania – certainly no sign of Punk’s match with him. Not very surprising but still pathetic by the WWE!

Quite funny was the match between Fandango and Goldust, who mocked Fandango with a bit of dancing. But Cody Rhodes (who was on ringside – as was Summer Rae) didn’t seem too impressed and it looks like that the brothers will soon walk on different roads again. Goldust did win the match.

The Bella Twins were on commentary to witness another AJ Lee loss with Tamina against The Funkadaktyls. And after the match AJ and Tamina had another argument together with some staring. Alright.

Then the 6th inductee into the Hall of Fame class of 2014 was announced: Mr. T. Lovely!

And the rest of RAW was filled with an 8-Man-Tag-Team Match (Ryback, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow & Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E, Big Show, Mark Henry & Dolph Ziggler): Big Show did win it on Sandow. Plus: once again Kofi Kingston had to suffer from Bray Wyatt.


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