Dean Ambrose collage

If anyone had some doubts left if The Shield indeed is face now you just had to listen to JBL. Because he doesn’t like them anymore. And it continued during Smackdown and their actual match. Because I have a lot into my mind about it (including strange theories) I break them down into the following list:

  1. The Shield participated in a Fatal 4-way #1 Contender’s Match for the Tag Team Championship (if you did ever wonder why I choose such hilariously long headlines for my articles / reviews: here is your answer!) but maybe for the first time in WWE not with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns but with Rollins and Dean Ambrose. There wasn’t any plausible reason for it given that DA is still the United States Champion. And if Seth and him would have become Tag Team Champions DA would have to deal with two belts to carry / throw over the barricades. Certainly this wasn’t gonna happen.
  2. Before the actual match Michael Cole did wonder whom the audience would cheer in this match because “none of the teams are really liked”. Well, WWE doesn’t need to turn The Shield face for them to be liked but it’s part of the actual game to tell the WWE Universe who they should like / hate. I very hope, not beg for it but simply expect another Dean Ambrose promo on coming RAW to actually explain past happenings and throw out plans for the future or something like that. WWE already made it clear that they’ll push Roman Reigns to Jupiter and back so it doesn’t matter that he can’t cut any decent promo. And it obviously won’t hurt when Dean Ambrose does the complete contrary: cutting a hell of a promo as if his life depends on it. Do it, WWE, or I’ll refuse to watch RAW live but the day later and only segments with Dean Ambrose.
  3. Sticking Rollins and DA together in a 2-man-tag team was happening for three reasons:
    • Showing the WWE Universe that they are great together as a tag team and very synchronized (for the actual split Reigns / DA & SR after WM30; credit for the GIFs goes to ericatheshewolf):
      Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose
    • To let DA and SR get beaten up later in the match because we all know that DA can sell as hell.
    • Separate Roman Reigns from DA and SR after Kane interfered so he could get beaten up by Kane and the NAO on the ramp with the cameras almost constantly on him while DA and SR were beaten up inside the ring with just the live audience able to watch it.

      And all of this actually was happening to make Reigns look strong (whoa, there were three guys needed to beat him up – three old guys actually and DA and SR had to deal with seven men inside the ring), to get him liked by the (TV) audience.

  4. We all know that The Shield are faces now but there wasn’t any change in their appearance or entrance (besides DA didn’t worn his barbed wire belt at Smackdown, which I thought was the biggest disappointment that night). That actually happened because very soon DA and SR will turn back heel so there is no need to get them loved too much.
  5. There are rumours that the NAO wanted to work with The Shield at WM30 so the break-up was halted and The Shield turned face so they could face the NAO together with Kane at WM30. That’s rubbish, really. The NAO had their time in the past. Now they only occupy the places new talents should take. And because they are friends with Triple H they even get matches they want. Even more rubbish. But WWE always was a company ruled by a few families. Wrestlers without WWE background can call themselves lucky to get the opportunity to wrestle in front of such audiences.
  6. Now a few lines on the actual match: opponents for DA & SR were Rybaxel (what a shitty tag team name for Ryback & Curtis Axel!), 3MB (I didn’t notice before that they still exist!) and The Real Americans. Most of the time Dean Ambrose was in the ring and he did great: like I already mentioned in the headline he once again did his reminiscence to his good friend Nigel McGuinness on Cesaro (another good friend of him). He also did a great counter attack to Ryback and several other indie moves that Michael Cole would call unorthodox because it’s not the usual WWE standard stuff. The match was actually made up by The Authority and later on we saw all heels backstage getting their rewards for the beat-up. But also during the match it was quite certain that it wasn’t 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 but 2 vs. 6. DA and later also SR were always legal while the others got their rests.

    I didn’t quite understand why the match was canceled because Kane attacked Reigns outside the ring. Both of them weren’t part of the actual match so they could have beaten themselves up all the time. Maybe someone can explain this to me. Anyway, since the match was finished the beat-up could really broke free now. All three Shield members ended up beaten inside the ring, DA and Reigns choke slammed by Kane while the NAO were introduced as the new enforcers of The Authority.

  7. When DA & SR will be finally back heel and a 2-man-tag team they’ll need a new name. I hope it won’t be Ambrollins or Rollambrose.

For the rest of Smackdown: it started with Damien Sandow beating up Dolph Ziggler the whole time just for Ziggler to win the match. Highly logical!

Then we got a veeery leeengthy repetition of the Daniel Bryan beat-up by Triple H on RAW. I skipped that over. Kane was inside the ring for that to demand respect for The Authority and because of this he read a letter of Triple H addressed to the WWE Universe. Well…

During the match Fandango vs. Fernando (of Los Matadores) surprisingly there was a fun moment: Summer Rae on ringside was wearing a red dress and because of the wrong thought that bulls react to the colour red (it’s actually the movement but don’t mind) El Torito went after Summer Rae around the ring. That caused distraction on Fandango so Fernando got the win.

Then Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt cut another promo on Super Cena (Luke Harper later on in the just over 5min Main Event match certainly had to lose against our hero) when Bray Wyatt told the WWE Universe what I already mentioned in the headline.

After that we were punished by Miz TV (I skipped over the most part of it, too): Big Show came out first joined by several other competitors for the Andre the Giant Royal Battle at WM30 and then we got a little glimpse of what might happen with all thirty men. Last two men standing were Big Show and The Miz with Big Show ‘winning’ the brawl.

Then Alberto Del Rio won against Big E; a little backstage segment with Santino and Emma showed off their strange relationship; the Bella Twins won against Natalya & Summer Rae (with AJ Lee on commentary); we got another repetition of Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker, but this time from Main Event so that wasn’t well know already and last was the RAW Exclusive: once again Fandango vs. Goldust.


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