Shield guy

Something just came into my mind: Dean Ambrose acted more like a face when The Shield was still heel. This sharp babyface / heel separation for him definitely has no meaning at all. At Smackdown he wasn’t goofing around that much. Actually he was his angry, overly aggressive heel self. But Seth Rollins was no difference. So maybe the both of them got orders not to be liked that much. I have also seen a picture with The Shield and Super Cena all together making this fist thing which is quite ridiculous given four men doing the trinity unity is clearly one man too much. But Cena did it in the past with Punk and Daniel Bryan so certainly he tried to jump on the Shield bandwagon to get some Shield fans for him, too. The poor guy: he doesn’t understand that this won’t ever happen.

Certainly Dean Ambrose’s title reign once again was mentioned. First of all for the right reason by Michael Cole, who said correctly that DA holds his United States Championship now for 313 days. Can anyone imagine someone else with this belt now? I can’t. It should become a permanent item! I should start a petition. But just seconds later JBL once again stated that DA has got one of the longest title reigns in WWE history but with the fewest title defenses. Later on Smackdown there was a promotion for the WWE World Tour in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from April, 17 to April, 19 with the announcement that DA would defend his title on April, 18 in a triple threat match against Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. And that basically means two things: 1) that will be his 26th title defense; 2) on this day his reign will be 334 days long. Question: will he get a 1-year-reign-ceremony? He has to when that actually is going to happen! Plus: a DVD with highlights from his reign when it will somehow somewhere in the distant future come to an end. I’ll buy it, WWE! Can you hear me?

As for the actual Shield match: there were two this time and they were part of the recent revenge tour after their humiliation in the 4-way tag team match. Their first victims were Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre of 3MB and it was DA on McIntyre who got the win this time. Michael Cole said that DA would call THIS “Dirty Deeds” but I’m still not sure what he was referring to: 1) just his usual finisher, the Headlock Driver; or 2) the combination of Jawbreaker Lariat and Headlock Driver for an actual great finisher combo. Like I said: I’m still not sure but I would like the idea if 2) would become a permanent fixture. Because: every wrestler does have his or her finisher but an actual finishing combo? Many wrestlers indeed prepare the audience with a signature gesture for the finisher to come. But for Ambrose’s fast and highly technical wrestling style the Jawbreaker Lariat would be a great and fitting move to prepare the audience for his finisher. I’ll definitely keep an eye on that.

As for The Shield’s second match: that was only announced after their first win when “The Suits” (Kane with NAO dressed in actual suits) came out to send Rybaxel into the ring. This time Seth Rollins got the win over Curtis Axel and afterwards Roman Reigns joined DA and SR for their Triple Powerbomb on Ryback. I just hope now that on WM30 The Shield will get the win over The Suits. Interesting anyway that the Shield members don’t have their Axxess signings together but all three on their own: RR and SR have one; DA has got two.

On the other issue I’ve mentioned in the title for this article: Damien Sandow has got such a great gimmick – an actual evil intellectual. But WWE doesn’t know how to use it or deliberately fucks it up. Sorry for the language but I’m really pissed off on that issue. I really like Sandow’s character and within seconds I could tell you many scenarios for great storylines him included. But what are WWE ‘creatives’ doing? They let him look ridiculous against Scooby Doo (!) on RAW and today he had to lose within seconds against Sin Cara at the very beginning of Smackdown. I can’t remember the last time Sandow had to say something. Just break up the Real Americans so Cesaro can go on as a great singles wrestler and stick Sandow together with Wade Barrett in a tag team for example. Bad News Barrett is great but I want to see him wrestle again. And I’m quite sure that I’m not alone in this department.

As for the rest: Batista has got a nose piercing? Really??! The hell… And Santino spills red whine all over Emma during their ‘romantic’ dinner? Oh dear… And because I forgot to count on RAW, Vickie Guerrero with Michael Cole talked the Divas Championship match on WM30 during the divas tag team match Bellas vs. AJ & Tamina. There will be 14 divas competing and once again it was made crystal clear to the WWE Universe that Tamina won’t be any help for AJ on that very day. But I’m still sure that AJ Lee will defend her title anyway. She is just made a little too weak recently.


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