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[the above shown GIF set is brought to you by cherrypie-yeahh] || I think, I can manage to make this a shorter article than usual. Well, I need to. And there is hardly anything notable to write about the latest edition of RAW, isn’t it? We got a poll on who of The Shield should wrestle Kane this evening and we all know that these polls are fake. But still Michael Cole kept telling us that “WE”, the WWE Universe, had the actual choice to vote (he indeed meant it, I think). When this poll came up I instantly knew that it would be Roman Reigns given he’s the one the WWE wants to be the next star of their company. But the outcome of the voting actually was ridiculous: 11% for Seth Rollins, 9% for Dean Ambrose, and a whopping 80% for Roman Reigns (at least the WWE got the sum of 100% correctly this time). I’m not at all mad about the outcome of that poll because it was pretty clear that WWE wanted this match. But do you really think that so many fans wanted this match?

I have seen several singles matches by Roman Reigns now and neither of them made me feel like I would have missed something if I hadn’t seen it. The audience in Washington, DC might have had the same feeling. When the poll result came up there was just a short pop. It almost felt like a shock to them and later, when the Shield music hit, there was a huge pop first. But it dimmed immediately when the fans realized that it was just Roman Reigns who came out. What is looks when you don’t have the charisma? When you can’t read matches because you lack experience? When you can’t tell stories through matches but just do your three or four moves now and again? I do realize that most fans actually enjoy pure matches with some beating. And when there are kendo sticks and chairs involved they get their orgasm.

But it’s with reason that I can watch these two Ambrose vs. Regal matches for a hundred and plus times and I still don’t get bored. Because the two of them are great story tellers. There isn’t much beating up in these matches but the intensity between them is that huge that I can feel it. I don’t feel anything at all when I watch these three-minute-matches of Roman Reigns. And the crowd was basically dead during it. They were only brought back to life when the NAO came out just for DA and SR to beat them up outside the ring. Kane then was saved by the NAO from the Triple Powerbomb and afterwards DA got me again with his three-second-outburst. The truth is that Roman Reigns without The Shield is nothing, while DA and SR don’t need The Shield for being great. And this is it basically why The Shield are still together.

And in case you don’t believe me: judge for yourself:

As for their appearance at WM30 I predict the following: DA and SR will be beaten up first, then show some great technical / flying moves to hype the audience, then they will be beaten up again and at the very end Roman Reigns will get the win for The Shield over Kane.

But they will have another cameo: first Daniel Bryan will beat Triple H to earn his spot in the Triple Threat match vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista for Orton’s belt collection. At some point Triple H will come out to interfere and get revenge for not being into that match but The Shield will hold him back while Daniel Bryan can win this main event plus the belts. Then we will have a Triple Powerbomb by The Shield on Triple H (how fitting given the names!) and The Shield will close the show together with Daniel Bryan in the ring and the crowd will be happy.

It will happen. Exactly like this! Because I’m a genius.


2 thoughts on “RAW 14/03/31: Dean Ambrose has got a new earring because CM Punk needed his lip ring back

  1. I got to say that I really like your article it is spot on I really hate how the machine keep elevating roman reigns over dean and seth!! I do like dean ambrose the guy is ready to go solo for a long time he has this aura around about him I like push the man already wwe! My favorite member is seth rollins such a natural babyface though I don’t know why wwe choose a guy like roman reigns this guy has no mic skills everything he says feels fake and forced he is really not that good in the ring I hate how jbl exaggarate about his (kayfabe) strength cesaro is really strong not roman but yet the machine pushes him even though his the worst of the three breaking kanes record and survivor series he’s handed everything on a silver platter I don’t like that and some idiots are even talking about him breaking the streak. I have a feeling its just because his a “home grown talent” and the look the machine love its laughable when I read in other articles saying his the next cena tell me how? His mic skills are subpar his a bore his match with cm punk really showed me how green he is. what I have noticed these new type of crowds don’t give a damn about that no more they appreciate skill that’s why ziggler and bryan are so over but it don’t matter how much the machine keep elevating roman reigns over dean and seth in the long term dean and seth will be the real stars and roman reigns will be a failed project as many fans will turn on him when he pursue solo career and that is that


    1. First of all: thank you for your comment! Very appreciated. Not just because you agree with me. I know that there is some traffic on my site but I don’t get much feedback. So, reading your comment makes me feel like I have done something right in the end!

      On the points you were referring: yes, I also hope for the time factor to suit DA and SR for the WWE and some fans to realize that Roman Reigns isn’t the future of WWE. All good will always prevail when it can stand all the obstacles thrown in its way. But surrender isn’t a word part of DA’s or SR’s vocabulary, I’m sure. And they will prevail long term. It just confuses me what WWE actually sees in Roman Reigns. People pointing out that he did make progress in the last months but I can hardly recognize. Progress in terms to perform another move recently? That’s far from enough. But for the WWE story-telling through matches or even a decent storyline seems to be irrelevant. I’m sure that some wrestlers have their own ideas but creatives / WWE don’t let them use their own minds any more. It makes me mad when DA and SR have to push RR on commentary or in promos when the master himself only mumbles some words that I hardly understand because he isn’t only able to keep two sentences in mind, he also hasn’t got any voice. You can say about Cena what you like but at least he has got a voice that it’s getting heard.

      This comparison with Reigns could succeed Cena is indeed ridiculous. In my honest opinion John Cena is the most boring character in WWE mostly because he lacks this Achilles’ heel every decent Superhero has to have. Also a loss to Bray Wyatt at WM30 won’t overshadow his status in WWE. And with the right opponent (e.g. Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan) he is able to put on a decent match. And the thing about Cena is that he’s either liked or hated. Roman Reigns is liked by some fangirls but the rest is just mad about him being pushed or simply bored. And I don’t think that this will ever change.

      But it’s also true that some families have a certain standing in WWE, so Roman Reigns sharing DNA with The Rock certainly helped. And former Indie wrestlers like Ambrose and Cesaro can only push themselves to get what they deserve. Like I said before: long term this strategy will be the successful one, at least with the fans.


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