Dean Ambrose collage

WrestleMania Weekend. Yeah. Excitement and basically no sleep. At least for me. This Hall Of Fame event already killed me because I went for bed just after 7am and got woken up around 11am. Really not funny at all given the fact that I need around 1h to fall to sleep.

Anyway. Enough moaning because I just want to write one or two things about this event I have watched for the first time ever. All circled around the Hall of Fame inductees of 2014, of course. So, I’d like to write a bit about everyone in the exact order they were inducted.

  1. Lita
    I have to confess that I was slightly annoyed by her. She was great in the ring but she talked for like ages and everything was about me, me, me. For a Diva who made it I can understand that she’s proud to be inducted. Because nowadays the Diva’s division is basically meaningless. It’s just about body and looks but not really what these ladies actually do in the ring. The Divas division should be handed their own show so the audience could concentrate on them and they would knew that there are only Divas to watch. So, they would be there for them. There are so many different shows on the WWE Network. Why not a wrestling show just for Divas? And I refuse to talk about this crap that is Total Divas!
  2. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
    He did the most touching speech of the evening. Easily. It’s just: you can’t not like this guy, who suffered so much in life but now still made it to the Hall of Fame and only people without a heart couldn’t be moved to tears while watching and listening to him.

    During some speeches of these old guys I realized once again what they are really going through with giving their all to this business. They travel non stop. They throw their bodies all over just to entertain the audience, to please them, and to make them happy. Mostly it’s also people with difficult family backgrounds: no mother anymore or no father, poverty etc. And then they watch wrestling as a child. They grow up with this world that looks so great compared to their own stupid life. In wrestling they can play a character, someone else than the poor kid they once had to be. Everyone, who is born into this life, has to live with the situation he’s born into. But wrestling give these people the chance to step up in life, to be someone who doesn’t need to struggle in life anymore. But then, at some stage, when they need to stop wrestling because of injuries or addictions (mostly caused because of wrestling) there is always this dark hole they are confronted with. Some wrestlers as well as every other sportsmen or -women do know that there is a life after wrestling but don’t think much about it until it actually hits them. So, this dark hole unfortunately is always an option to step into it. You had this daily routine day in day out; everything was planned for you. But then you are on your own again. When you don’t have a good and caring family (and it’s hard to start your own when you are constantly on the road) it’s most likely that you can’t avoid this dark hole. It’s not very surprising that many wrestlers struggle in life after wrestling. Someway it hurts to listen to their stories but it’s good that they are telling them because the more you hear it the more likely it is that there can be done something against it. Some wrestlers also listen to it and remember their experiences when they one day also have to quit wrestling. It’s basically learning from others’ faults and struggles not to do this or that on your own. You don’t always need to make your own experiences in life. Sometimes you can take others’ advices seriously.

  3. Mr T
    I still don’t really know what his speech actually was. A praise for his mother (and she really seems to be a great person, but Mr T just pushed it to the limits and above) combined with a reverend’s prayer. Christians can praise God in churches or on their own the much they like. But if I’m partly forced to listen to it: just keep it short and simple. The audience in New Orleans did their best to make this speech a pleasant one to listen, so I went from being annoyed to slightly amused. And the following tweet was basically one of the highlights of the evening (even if Jericho wasn’t there):

    At least, Mr T didn’t talk about himself but praised his mother. I’m sure he was pretty serious about his speech but in the end I could only stand it with taking it not so much seriously.

  4. Paul Bearer
    He wasn’t there in person for obvious reasons but it was a fitting tribute, and The Undertaker coming out in the end raising his urn towards Bearer was touching.
  5. Razor Ramon
    The prototype villain perhaps. And he did a good speech. Nothing that stands out really but it also wasn’t annoying at all.
  6. Carlos Colon
    That also was a nice speech also from his inductees that was part of his family from Puerto Rico. Nothing really to stand out as well, except for the healthy pride of their ancestry.
  7. The Ultimate Warrior
    Probably everyone expected a weird, strange speech. But actually it was the second best of the evening. It was great that he praised all the guys in the background who do the most work day in day out to make the shows work. William Regal did write in his autobiography about it and it also reminded me on this Oscar acceptance speech by Dustin Hoffman back in 1980:

    And here is a short glimpse of his long and touching speech:

    He was also quite angry about certain things mostly because of what he was portrayed or treated in the past. But he also left this message to the younger wrestlers that they should think about their time after wrestling so they couldn’t be hit with no future or any hope of a worthy life after wrestling.

Certainly I had to watch out for Dean Ambrose and I was quite amused about most little fangirls were freaking out about him looking hot. If you had eyes that could see he just looked as messy as always with his dotted tie, brown shoes together with a navy coloured Isaia Napoli suit, this wrinkled handkerchief into his suit-pocket and his wild curly hair. He really reminded me on the great Ludwig van Beethoven and maybe it was that which made his look just fitting and somehow great. Definitely outstanding!

He was also interviewed in the pre-show. But the two best quotes from it belonged to William Regal and Wade Barrett:

“Yes, all three of them. They went mental for me. As always.”
William Regal on the statement that he got a nice reception on the way in.

“I mean, it’s a feel-good night and I would hate for someone to come along and deliver some bad news on a night like this. So, I’m going to stay firmly on my seat and behaving myself.”
“I don’t believe that for one second.”
“You’re very smart not to.”
Wade Barrett on if he’d actually have some good news tonight.

And then there was this little moment almost at the very end of the ceremony when Linda McMahon in her inductee speech to The Ultimate Warrior said that he had legally changed his name to Warrior back in 1993 and that his children would now carry this actual surname. It was then when the camera caught DA who happened to be placed just behind the two girls of Warrior [Credit for this fabulous Gif goes to Dean-Ambrose-Net]:

Dean Ambrose

I do like this one for a couple of reasons.


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