As for The Shield and their appearance on the show of WrestleMania at first I was quite disappointed: The first segment with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Dwayyyne (of course!) talking excitement and spilling some sponsor drink all over the ring consumed the first half an hour. The next half an hour was all about the first match of Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan. And that really was a bad repetition of the first match between William Regal vs. Dean Ambrose on FCW all over. Yes, I know, I’m probably biased / obsessed but Daniel Bryan was thrown on the ring side by Triple H almost the exact same way Regal was doing it on Ambrose. But Ambrose’s selling in their match was exceptional. There were also many holds and locks, much ground work; the only two things different were 1) Triple H’s entrance (very much fitting for his transcendental character) and 2) the fact that Daniel Bryan did win the match. Which was pretty clear would happen even before the show. And to add to Daniel Bryan’s weakness for making his later win of Orton’s belt collection even greater Triple H afterwards beat DB with a chair, ‘hurting’ his left arm even more.

So, one hour went by with just two segments already happened. And then the NAO made their way through the shovel shaped ramp. Road Dogg just started with bashing trash talk against The Shield when they cut him off him with their music to make their entrance:

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Yes, masks, exactly. Hound-style. They also got new attire; Seth Rollins wore a new hat during their promo in the pre-show and this basically means that with new upcoming merchandise the supposed Shield break-up is still on hold (for quite a few months, I guess, until Roman Reigns can stand a match on his own longer than five minutes without being boring). The match itself wasn’t even three minutes long. At least there was quite some action innit mostly created by The Shield. Certainly Reigns had to show his four moves again to dominate but some of them were performed very sloppy. He is still not comfortable when the match speeds up a bit. He’s just not the type for it. He needs space and time for his moves. But yesterday time was the least he was offered.

I was also quite amused about some comments on the Double Triple Powerbomb. As if Roman Reigns would have carried two men on his own. It were basically Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose who had done the most part of the work but anyway. It definitely looked impressive. And it’s just a shame to know that Billy Gunn was injured in the process. Hopefully it’s not too bad but even if he wasn’t injured this feud hopefully is finished now. Given that The Shield teams up with Super Cena in live events for quite a while now (Super Cena needs people to help him? And I thought he could do on his own against four people. I’m quite disappointed!) that seems to be the case. Hopefully we don’t have to witness a period of meaningless tag team matches from now on because the creatives lack creativity.

Dean Ambrose

Next was the Andre-the-Giant Royal Battle with 30 wrestlers and here the outcome was really surprising: The Big Show as the winner was written all over it since the battle was announced to happen at WM30 but in the end it was Cesaro who got Big Show up and over the top rope for the win as the last man standing. I haven’t watched much of this battle because I was still fed up with the shortness of The Shield’s match but I have seen the finish and was pretty happy for Cesaro afterwards – being a fellow European that is quite obvious!

The following 23 minutes were all about Super Cena and Bray Wyatt. Predictions before WM30 were that Bray Wyatt would win and in the end I also jumped this page. But again Super Cena disappointed almost everyone in winning (and surviving even Sister Abigail). How boring that is I just can’t express in words (and not even in thoughts!).

And after we honoured all seven new Hall of Famers again we got the highly anticipated match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. It took almost thirty minutes and had some good moments, obviously especially at the very end when both men survived a series of the others’ finishers. But at the end, when Brock Lesnar indeed defeated The Undertaker to break his streak and cut his record to 21-1 just everyone in the audience in New Orleans and on TV at home were basically like this:

Heyman Heyman Brock Lesnar. Of all people. A part-timer. No-one really expected that he could really win and it was even hold a secret backstage. So, because of all that THIS really was probably the most shocking WrestleMania moment ever.

After this the crowd was basically in shock and almost dead for the remainder of WM30. Some people even left. Breaking the streak was brilliant to create an epic moment but it killed the show. This basically meaningless Divas Invitational – because we already knew the outcome this time again – was up next and in the end it was certainly AJ Lee who retained her title.

Powerbomb - RKO Powerbomb - RKO And then there was the last match: the triple threat match between Randy Orton, Batista, and Daniel Bryan. Of course Triple H had to come out with Stephanie to interfere during the match. But Triple H was beaten up by DB and had to leave. Then Batista and Orton did work together with the intention to get first rid of DB.

Yes, a Batista Bomb that transformed into an RKO. Both, Orton and DB were injured in the process and I was slightly concerned about DB’s well being. But miraculously he then jumped off the stretcher he was just about to carry away on. And then he continued his way into the ring to finally get his win over Batista to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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