Now after this match of The Shield vs. The Wyatts that was more or less dominated by Dean Ambrose I hope that most people have finally realized how good he really is. Like I indicated in the headline most people probably thought that he was just selling being hurt in this promo after the match. But it wouldn’t have made sense for him to give up on his lines to advice Rollins and Reigns that they should take over. Most recently he once again was the leading man in The Shield’s promos and being the main man in this match getting the win over Erick Rowan it was just logical that he would also be the main man during that promo.

But hey: this is the Reality Era and who knows: perhaps he was really just acting this. And if so then this man deserves an Oscar! But again: also if it was real he needs some awarding because in that case he still continued trying his best not to show how much it really hurts. I still haven’t made my final decision on this. Maybe because I know how good he really is. The Smackdown taping happened just after Main Event and the Spoilers say that The Shield came out again at the very end to celebrate with Daniel Bryan. It says nothing about The Shield were in another match or a brawl. It’s also possible that they were scheduled for a match but it was rewritten because DA got injured. We will probably find out very soon anyway.

And with this next paragraph there is a new turn in my writing: having watched this scene now for – I don’t know… 30 times or so? – I’m now quite sure that DA just played it. I think if he was in real big pain he wouldn’t have coughed that excessively into the microphone. During the first part of it, after he croaked that Rollins and Reigns should cut the promo, he even turned to the microphone again to cough into it. I think that revealed that all his actions were just played. At least, I hope so. And if hurt for real I hope it’s just bruised ribs or something.

EDIT: I’ve probably watched it now for over 100 times and finally made my decision: DA indeed was hurt but probably just for the moment. You could hear that Rollins said to him if he could help him with the part he had to take over from Ambrose. And during DA’s second coughed part he said some key words and did a few gestures for Rollins to remember what the promo was all about. These are just some little details that indicate how great he really is in reacting fast to any changed situation but still make the audience believe that it’s just a work. Brilliantly delivered!

[Now end of speculation!] For the actual match (if you haven’t already seen it in the video above) it was a war again between The Shield and The Wyatts. Almost twenty minutes from bell to bell and twelve minutes of it DA was inside the ring, receiving a hell lot of punishment (at least he sold it like that), fought back from anything in style. And Seth Rollins also had some time again to fly around like gravity wouldn’t exist.

Certainly for the WWE or at least its commentators (I still like the way Paul Heyman mocked them on RAW – yeah, it was a work, but it was so true!) Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch probably was the highlight of the match but I have long given up on them. I know what’s really good because I have eyes that can see. So, I don’t really care about these commentators as well as whom the WWE sees as their next big star [the following Gif is brought to you by raphie04].

Dean Ambrose 633

The rest of Main Event was about two matches. First we got a little promo by the angry grandpa Zeb Colter, who still felt betrayed by the immigrant Cesaro and now his only remaining guy Jack Swagger had to prove that he could still do on his own against Dolph Ziggler. In the end he indeed won it with the Patriot Lock and maybe this was the start of the built-up for Swagger vs. Cesaro at Extreme Rules on 04 May 2014.

And the third and last match of Main Event was Alexandr Rusev vs. Sin Cara. I’ve got it now that Lana indeed is Russian and just Rusev is Bulgarian. In some way I like the interaction between these two because he doesn’t treat her like some little girl or just a nice accessory. She’s beautiful but she is treated with respect and not just there for her look but also she has great presence and obviously can talk. Damn it, I think I start liking these two. Certainly Rusev won against Sin Cara within a few minutes and that was the end of the show.


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